Cleaning the inside of your device

Has your laptop or PC overheated after a short time or the internal fan is noticeably loud? The reason could be a fan clogged by dirt. We clean your laptop or PC thoroughly from the inside, so it retains its performance and is thus optimally protected against overheating.

Our Service

£ 35
For a fixed price*
  • We open the laptop or PC case
  • We clean the processor and graphic card fan
  • We renew the heat transfer paste
  • We clean the display and the keyboard
  • We check whether everything is running as it should

A perfect service from TrustATec

With regular use dirt, debris and dust accumulate over time in the interior of every laptop or PC. The consequences are a diminished capacity, enormous loss of speed, a massive overload of ventilation and increased volume. At worst, the graphic card can be massively affected from heat build-up in the ventilation duct and as a consequence expensive repairs are necessary. To get the device regaining its full power and ensure no long-term overheating damage occurs, it should be thoroughly and professionally cleaned regularly inside and out. This can be done using the Cleaning the inside of your device service of TrustATec.

More power due to the laptop and PC interior cleaning from TrustATec

To clean your laptop or PC, we firstly open the casing of your device carefully and then clean the processor and the graphic card fan, then we remove any dirt, dust and crumbs from the display and keyboard. We then replace the heat transfer paste before putting the casing back on your device. Finally, we conduct a comprehensive functional test and verify the improvements achieved through the computer cleaning in terms of speed and volume. Whether in our service workshop, at your home or by phone: We fix the problem quickly and easily for you.

Perfect service is our mission

Professional IT services at attractive fixed prices: Our network of locations throughout the UK offers professional on-site and home visit services for PCs and laptops – no matter where you bought your device and regardless of manufacturer.

Our Services

Service for End Customers

  • We offer a professional repair service for PCs and laptops, regardless of manufacturer or brand.
  • We support you in setting up your new device.
  • We install and connect your technical equipment quickly, easily and to your requirements.
  • Your motherboard does not work anymore? Your graphics card is defective? We as your PC experts save and backup your data, replace the hardware and install new components.
  • We give explanations about what we do in a way that is easy to understand.

Services for Business Customers

  • You do business. We do IT. We offer IT support for your company!
  • Whether data loss, server failure or irreparable defects. We are the professional IT service for companies to help secure your IT infrastructure from cyber criminals.
  • From the delivery and installation of IT equipment to the connection of the network and server, we are the competent partner for your company. We ensure that servers are on the cutting edge of technology, the configuration of the components is carried out professionally and businesses are ideally protected.
  • Whether technical innovations, important security updates or troubleshooting our maintenance service keeps your IT infrastructure up-to-date.
  • Transparent costs and services are the TrustATec promise and guarantee.
*All prices are including VAT and without parts. At participating TrustATec stores and partners. Travelling expenses may be charged by our partners separately.