Android Smartphone Antivirus

Protect your smartphone from viruses and threats while surfing. We will install anti-virus software on your phone that will protect against unauthorised access.

£ 30
For a fixed price*
  • We install anti-virus software on your smartphone
  • We run the first-time update of the software and configure it
  • We check if everything works
  • Price excl. Software

For most home users, your smartphone is the main device on which you access your e-mail account, online banking account or social media platforms. Android smartphones are especially susceptible to viruses because they have an open operating system. Malicious software and viruses can infiltrate your smartphone and exploit vulnerabilities via download links, open wireless networks, apps or SMS. Your personal information is then freely accessible to criminals. For example, your bank details being spied on or smartphone viruses hidden in SMS and premium app subscriptions. Our antivirus for smartphones protects your sensitive and personal information against viruses, Trojans, spyware etc. The security software initially scans your existing apps and programs and checks for safety-critical irregularities and informs you accordingly. When new downloads or apps are installed the smartphone software is pre tested for infected code prior to installation, keeping your smartphone safe.

Virus protection from TrustATec - so that your smartphone remains safe

TrustATec will install your smartphone anti-virus software and run it on the initial update. Finally, we configure the antivirus software and complete a function test on your smartphone. The cost of the smartphone anti-virus software is not included.

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