Android Tablet Antivirus

Use our fast and simple Android tablet antivirus service to ensure that your mobile device is fully protected. By installing antivirus software on your tablet you are safeguarded from malware and other external threats.

£30Fixed price*
  • We will install antivirus software on your tablet
  • We run an initial update of the software and then configure it
  • We ensure the functionality
  • price excl. software

Protect your tablet: For most people, their tablet is their central device to access the data in their e-mail or online banking accounts as well as social media platforms. Android tablets in particular are very susceptible to viruses as they run on an open operating system. Download links, open WiFi networks and apps make it easy for viruses and other malware to infect your tablet and exploit security holes. This will make your personal data accessible to third parties, allowing them i.e. to access your bank details. With our virus protection for tablet PCs, we protect your sensitive and personal data against viruses, trojans, spyware and other risks.

TrustATec’s Antivirus service keep your tablet safe

The TrustATec experts will install virus protection software on your device. The antivirus software firstly scans the previously installed apps looking for security-critical irregularities and informs you accordingly. When downloading and installing new apps and other software pieces, these are tested for contaminated code in advance and, when in doubt, are not installed at all.

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TrustATec offers professional IT repairs and services at affordable, fixed prices, provided by suppliers that you can trust. When something goes wrong – such as a screen or a component failure, a virus infection or a loss of data, TrustATec can fix it – quickly and cost-effectively. There are TrustATec partners all over the UK and we cover all brands and manufacturers. We’ll always explain what we are going to do in simple terms and with fixed prices for pre-defined services, you will always know where you stand.

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In the case of hardware and software problems, we save your data, replace the defective hardware and install new components properly.

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