Custom Built Computers

Our TrustATec technicians will build the computer of your dreams according to your specifications and personal requirements, quickly and cost-effectively.

Let TrustATec build a new PC for you

Have you noticed your PC running too slow lately? Would you like to have a new PC built from scratch? The team at TrustATec can build a complete PC which is tailored to your needs. Whether you need a large memory or a special hard drive for your PC, we will look for the appropriate hardware components and build it professionally.

Custom built computers at TrustATec

Do you know exactly which tasks you want to be able to do on your new PC? Do you want to use it for photo editing or do you want to save particularly large video and music files? Do you have specific ideas and requirements for your new PC? Then this can be put together at TrustATec. Receive various offers that suit your requirements and have your perfect PC built to your exact specifications.

Personal advice when purchasing a new PC from TrustATec

Do you want an inaudible PC so that it runs quietly? Or value sustainability and Green IT and will need a PC that is environmentally friendly and energy efficient? Or are you among the hardcore gamers or overclockers, where it's fun to take your PC to the limits? Do you want to search for the hardware components to power your new PC yourself? Seek advice from our technical team at TrustATec who will give you advice on various hardware such as motherboard, processor, disk, graphics card and hard drive. We will tell you exactly which hardware components fit together and which components are most compatible. We provide you with a detailed list of components and a transparent price proposal for your new PC purchase.

We do this:

  • We take into account your needs and wishes in a detailed personal conversation.
  • We advise you in the choice of components and ensure their compatibility.
  • We create a written offer for your individual desired PC.
  • We advise you of all components and parts.
  • We use only CE certifed quality components from leading hardware manufacturers.
  • We guarantee a professional assembly and proper wiring of the hardware components.
  • We install appropriate operating systems upon request whether Windows or Linux.
  • We check your PC system and perform a comprehensive system check.

Computer hardware configuration by TrustATec

Do you want your new computer to be stable and secure? Do you value the individual hardware components such as the motherboard, video card, power supply and drive being assembled correctly? In our service workshop, technicians work to ensure that the various hardware components are installed and connected properly to your new computer, so you can get started on your new computer straight away.
We will prepare your new computer ready for you to use, including installing the necessary drivers for the new hardware components. This gives you a computer that is powerful and fast right from the start. We will build your specified PC system using quality components from reputable manufacturers such as Asus, EVGA, XFX, Sapphire, Intel, Asrock, Samsung, Crucial, Corsair, Kingston, Bequiet, Silverstone, G.Skill, ADATA, GeIL , Cooler Master.

You can also request following components and features for your custom built PC:

  • Additional disk
  • Additional drive
  • Operating system software
  • Office software
  • Security software
  • Wireless LAN
  • CPU cooler
  • motherboard
  • housing
  • PSU
  • Multi Card Reader
  • PCI expansion cards
  • processor
  • graphic card
  • random access memory
  • HDD / SSD
  • operating system
  • optical drive

We also have attractive extended warranty offers.

Perfect service is our mission

Professional IT services at attractive fixed prices: Our network of locations throughout the UK offers professional on-site and home visit services for PCs and laptops – no matter where you bought your device and regardless of manufacturer.

Our Services

Service for End Customers

  • We offer a professional repair service for PCs and laptops, regardless of manufacturer or brand.
  • We support you in setting up your new device.
  • We install and connect your technical equipment quickly, easily and to your requirements.
  • Your motherboard does not work anymore? Your graphics card is defective? We as your PC experts save and backup your data, replace the hardware and install new components.
  • We give explanations about what we do in a way that is easy to understand.

Services for Business Customers

  • You do business. We do IT. We offer IT support for your company!
  • Whether data loss, server failure or irreparable defects. We are the professional IT service for companies to help secure your IT infrastructure from cyber criminals.
  • From the delivery and installation of IT equipment to the connection of the network and server, we are the competent partner for your company. We ensure that servers are on the cutting edge of technology, the configuration of the components is carried out professionally and businesses are ideally protected.
  • Whether technical innovations, important security updates or troubleshooting our maintenance service keeps your IT infrastructure up-to-date.
  • Transparent costs and services are the TrustATec promise and guarantee.