Your iPhone 5 charging port is not working?
A brush can work wonders!

I treat my iPhone 5 slightly different than the smartphones I’ve owned before. For my iPhone 4, I bought a protective cover and laminated the front and back. The iPhone 5 charging port is not working now, after some time. Read on for tips. 

I didn’t protect my iPhone 5 with a screen protector or the iPhone 5 charging port with a protective adapter. Why? Because I believe a phone is an article of daily use that should not be treated with kid gloves. Of course, I take good care of my phone. I don’t let it drop (a display repair for the iPhone would be tough to handle…), I don’t throw it on the table, I don’t scratch it, etc. But I do carry it around in my trouser pocket, and pockets tend to collect all kinds of lint over time. The lint and dust particles have now found their way into various tiny gaps in the iPhone 5 and into the iPhone 5 charging port. (more…)

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How to manage Facebook “Like” pages
Hidden setting for “Manage pages”

It’s not so easy to configure your Facebook timeline. If you have already been using Facebook for a number of years, you’ll have gained a friend or two who keep sending those cat pictures. Or you’ve “liked” a couple of pages and you are now fed up with the repeated news feed. Today, we’ll tell you how you can manage Facebook Like pages in general.

With every post, you have the option of hiding all incoming posts of this page or friend via a menu. Nonetheless, the page or friend is still haunting your own account. Sometimes, you just feel the need to clean it up a little – especially when it comes to a social network such as Facebook, which is known for its data collecting mania. Facebook has its own algorithm, which decides what information you get to see. The algorithm is based on the intensity and frequency of the contact you have with friends or on how often you visit certain pages. (more…)

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The Sims Mobile
New app finally available for ‘The Sims’ popular game

Classic game The Sims is back at last with its latest version ‘The Sims Mobile’. The game is now officially available for iPhone, iPad and Android in the UK.

Here’s the latest news on The Sims mobile game and its highlights. (more…)

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Bookmarks on Twitter
Save Tweets with new bookmarks feature

Twitter has regained its importance since Donald Trump’s election as the president of the USA.  The US president likes to spread his opinion and often uses the social media platform, Twitter to do it. So that you don’t ever miss any of his ( and other important ) tweets ever again, there is now Twitter bookmarks.

With the new bookmarks feature, you can save tweets and read them later. Read on to find out how this works and what benefits it has.  (more…)

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Data security of dating apps
How secure is data in Tinder etc?

Have you ever used dating apps like Tinder or Bumble looking for love? Ever thought about data security when using these dating apps?

Security researchers at the Kaspersky Lab and The National Cyber Security Centre have taken a close look at several dating apps. Read on to find out the results. (more…)

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