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Facebook or Instagram shopping

How safe is shopping on social networks?

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular. Fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated in the search for bargains on the internet. But how safe is Instagram or Facebook shopping?

Shopping on social media platforms is becoming more common. We will show you what dangers are lurking.

Is Facebook or Instagram shopping dangerous?

The hunt for bargains sometimes makes us throw caution to the wind. Apparent offers make the Instagram shopping or shopping on Facebook extremely tempting. You can quickly and easily contact the providers and pay for them. And then what?

Of course it is possible that you get the goods with no problems. But just as well, it is possible that you fall for fraudsters. You’ll notice this when you suddenly can’t find the seller’s profile anymore.

Ads on Facebook, Instagram etc. can be scams.

Ads on Facebook, Instagram etc. can be scams. Photo: Screenshot

Online shopping on social networks is increasing

Profiles and pages on social networks that only deal with the sale of goods are appearing more and more frequently. Away from the classic advertising markets like Ebay Classifieds , Shpock or Gumtree . What threats threaten you with the classifieds, you’ll learn in our blog post internet shopping scams. If your friends post articles for sale on Facebook, Instagram or any of the others, you can assume that they are real offers. But even then you should first message them to check it is really them.

Which articles are in Instagram shopping?

Dubious fake profiles publish articles for sale, which usually have an unbeatable low price. Whether its quality clothing, bags or shoes – every item can be offered in this way, but the target groups are mainly women.

Before you pay in advance for an article, you should ask yourself the following question: Would I give £100 to an unknown person, in the hope, I get goods worth £200? The answer is hopefully “no”. You must try not to trust these offers though.

What should be considered when shopping online?

Before you start trading via Facebook or Instagram shopping, you should find out who you’re dealing with. Is the company name listed? Then enter the name into a search engine and see if the company really exists. Do not be blinded by reviews on the portal.

For private ads, ask your contact to see if they really created the ad. In order to avoid being scammed keep your wits about you. Basically, being mistrustful always helps.- especially when shopping on social media channels. Then you won’t fall for cheats when shopping on Facebook or Instagram.


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