Bookmarks on Twitter

Bookmarks on Twitter

Save Tweets with new bookmarks feature

Twitter has regained its importance since Donald Trump’s election as the president of the USA.  The US president likes to spread his opinion and often uses the social media platform, Twitter to do it. So that you don’t ever miss any of his ( and other important ) tweets ever again, there is now Twitter bookmarks.

With the new bookmarks feature, you can save tweets and read them later. Read on to find out how this works and what benefits it has. 

The message service Twitter has been around for almost 12 years. The service has been under enormous pressure for just as long, due to profit issues. In the battle for user numbers, Twitter had repeatedly made changes. Recently, the number of characters was doubled from 140 to 280 – with success. The message service achieved its first quarterly profit at the end of 2017.

Twitter Bookmarks allow you to save tweets.

Thanks to Twitter Bookmarks you will now find tweets better.

Twitter bookmarks to tag tweets

Twitter keeps you up to date with the latest news. If you’re not online all the time, you may lose track of the news. Twitter bookmarks will now help against this. With them you can easily save tweets and read them later in peace.

Until now, you could only mark tweets with the public “Like it” button and save them for later retrieval. However, you don’t automatically like everything you want to read, so many users were not satisfied with this form of tagging.They needed a more private way to store messages. With the new Twitter Bookmarks this is possible. In contrast to the “Like” button, the author of the tweet will not get a message if you set the new Twitter bookmark.

Twitter bookmarks – how does it work?

One question remains: Where do you find the Twitter Bookmarks and how can you save tweets with them? First you have to update Twitter to make the bookmarking function possible.

If you want to save a tweet, click on the newly introduced “Share” icon in the selection “Add tweet to bookmarks”. You will find the “Share” icon on the right underneath the tweet. As soon as you have time to read your marked messages, you will see your personal list. There you will find all tweets saved with Twitter Bookmarks. And best of all, this list is only accessible via your user profile. This means that it is not open to the public, but your very own private reading list.

Favourites used as a bookmark feature

Until this update, which Twitter has now rolled out to all users, you could only save tweets with an asterisk under the “favourites”. However, the author of the tweet received a notification. Nevertheless, many users use this option as a bookmark function to find tweets and read them later. Recently when Twitter turned the star into a heart, many users asked themselves whether they marked a message with the heart for later reading only or whether the heart is equivalent to a “like”.

In order to clarify the situation, the message service is now introducing the Twitter bookmarks. These are available for the iOS and Android versions of Twitter, Twitter Lite and, say Twitter in its company blog.

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