Super sharp: the Galaxy S10

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Super sharp: the Galaxy S10

Current rumours about the Samsung S10

Will there be a Galaxy S10? For a long time this has been the big question. Especially when the sale of the S9 was sluggish. Now the rumours about the new super mobile phone from Samsung are growing.

They say it gets an extremely sharp display. I wonder if that’s true. We have all the information for you here.

Higher pixel density on the Galaxy S10

The two latest Samsung smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S9  do not differ in resolution and pixel density. There is also no difference in the respective plus models. The slightly older but still popular S6 and S7 models had no other resolution despite a different aspect ratio. These models have a pixel density of 530 PPI or 570 PPI.

This is supposed to change with the Galaxy S10, although the pixel density of its predecessors is more than sufficient for the human eye to perceive content as sharp. Nevertheless, Samsung is apparently planning a higher resolution display that will significantly exceed the pixel density of 600 PPI. This would make the Galaxy S10 super hot and the sharpest Samsung smartphone ever.

Growing bigger, getting sharper? We can look forward to the S10. Photo: Screenshot

Growing bigger, getting sharper? We can look forward to the S10. Photo: Screenshot

At the moment there are speculations that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will get a display with higher resolution. Only then can the pixel density of over 600 PPI be achieved. The alternative would be to reduce the screen diagonal, which is hardly conceivable.

With the Samsung S10, for example, a 4K display would be a good choice. With an aspect ratio of 18.5:9, Samsung could achieve a resolution of 4,440 x 2,160 pixels. The resolution of Galaxy S9 smartphones, on the other hand, is “only” 2,960 x 1,440 pixels. A huge change, if that rumor comes true. This would increase the pixel density to over 700 PPI – based on a 6.2-inch display.

4K display for the Samsung Galaxy S10?

So does the Samsung Galaxy S10 really get a 4K display? And what’s that for? The display does not appear sharper to the human eye during normal operation. A 4K display would only make sense for virtual reality applications if you have your smartphone in a holder right in front of you. At current resolutions, individual pixels are visible; this could become less with a 4K display.

However, a larger battery for the Samsung S10 would be absolutely necessary, otherwise the runtime per battery charge would reduce the high resolution too quickly.

For virtual reality it could go with the sharper display. Photo: Pixabay

For virtual reality it could go with the sharper display. Photo: Pixabay

When is the Galaxy S10 coming?

Also around the release date for the Galaxy S10 are rumors. We can’t answer the question of when it comes. But there is speculation. Insiders currently suspect that the super-sharp smartphone will be presented at the CES in Las Vegas at the beginning of January and will then be launched on the market. That would be two months earlier than with the predecessor models. The reason: Samsung would react faster to a new iPhone.

But there is another reason why the idea could come much earlier than usual: the competition from our own company – the Galaxy X. It is supposed to be the innovation and is considered by the Koreans as the smartphone of the future.

Galaxy S10 versus Galaxy X

But what makes Galaxy X so special? The Samsung Galaxy X is a foldable smartphone and will be presented at the MWC in late February 2019. So that the competition from the own house does not put the Galaxy X in the shade, everything looks as if the Galaxy S10 was already introduced before.

Have the Koreans already put the current top phones on the siding? Will they only devote themselves to the innovation of folding smartphones in the future, although it is not yet known whether it will be a box-office hit? Compared to its predecessors, the design of the S10 is unlikely to change much. And that could be another reason for the Koreans not to introduce the Galaxy S10 at the same time as the Galaxy X.

Koreans do not want to repeat Apple errors

But it is also possible that the Koreans do not want to make the same mistake as Apple did with the simultaneous introduction of iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Both smartphones were introduced together, although interest in the iPhone 8 was limited from the very beginning.

In order for both smartphones, the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy X, to get the desired attention, the presentation of the two models could take place at different times. Samsung himself did not comment on the rumors so far and as expected nothing can be seen on the homepage of the S10 or Galaxy X.




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