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Android Go

Is the Lite version of the Android operating system worth it?

When choosing a smartphone, users often have to choose between a low price or an up to date current Android operating system. Android Go wants to help here and offers the current Android version to affordable entry-level smartphones. But what is the Android Lite version good for?

We take a closer look at the cost effective version of the Android operating system for you.

What is Android Go?

It’s not only smartphone apps that need more and more storage, but also the respective operating systems of the devices.  In addition, only the latest smartphones in the Android ecosystem are usually equipped with the latest Android version. Devices from the entry-level and mid-range segment, usually come with an older Android version, which in many cases has long since become obsolete.

Android Go should help here. This is a Lite version of the operating system. This is primarily designed for devices with weaker hardware and little internal memory. This means that a current Android version such as Android 8.1 can be installed on inexpensive entry-level smartphones without permanently pushing the device to its performance limits. At least that’s the theory. But has Android Go also proven itself in practice?

Less storage space required, better performance - that and more promises Android Go (Image: Screenshot / Google)

Less storage space required, better performance – that and more promises Android Go (Image: Screenshot / Google)

Android Go: Cheap devices with current Android version

We already know Lite variants from other software. For example, Microsoft is working with  Windows 10 Lean on a Windows-saving version, and Facebook is also available in a Lite version for installation on a smartphone. These cost-saving versions have one thing in common:. They are designed for use on devices with weaker hardware and less storage space and should also help restrict mobile data consumption.

Android Go is no exception. At the  Mobile World Congress 2018  , several manufacturers, including Wiko, Alcatel and Nokia, introduced the first devices to be released with the Android Lite version. When you buy such a device you will get a smartphone with Android 8.1 in the Go variant – and usually at a price for less than 100 pounds.

Android Go

But not only the price of Android Go smartphones is attractive. The product page of Android Go promises in terms of functionality, among other things…

  • less storage space required,
  • better performance,
  • lower data consumption,
  • a higher level of security.

The Android-Lite variant comes with fewer pre-installed apps. This provides almost twice as much available storage space as the “normal” current Android version requires. Google has also halved the size of standard apps such as Gmail, Google Maps, Chrome or the Google app for Android Go. Files Go also provides a new Google app to help you quickly find files and delete unneeded content.

In addition, the Android-Lite version offers a built-in data consumption manager with which you can keep an eye on your data consumption at all times. You can also define which apps can access your mobile data and when.

Android Go: Apps offer little functionality

That sounds great at first glance, of course. But be careful: Not only the operating system itself is significantly slimmed down in Android Go, but also the range of functions of the standard apps.

For example, Google Maps lacks many useful functions such as real-time navigation or offline storage of map content. Also with the Google Assistant in the Go-version you have to accept some cutbacks – the voice control does not always work reliably.

It also lacks some of the other features it is used to from the current Android version, such as split-screen mode. Also the use of Google’s virtual reality ecosystem Daydream VR does not work under Android Go.

Which apps are available for Android Go?

In addition to its own go variants of the numerous Google apps you will find in the Google Play Store many apps that are specifically designed for use in the Android Lite variant. You will find what you are looking for in the category “Featured Apps for Android Go Edition” in the Play Store.

However, you can also install all other Android apps. Please note, however, that they can quickly take your device to the limit of its load capacity.

Android Go: Worth the Android Lite variant?

At first glance, Android Go offers many benefits. So you get the current Android version in a slimmed-down version on cheap entry-level smartphones. Thanks to the smaller size of the operating system and the lower overall hardware requirements, you can benefit from more performance with the Android Lite version. But you have to do without some useful functions.

Basically, a smartphone with Android Go is worthwhile especially if you want a cheap device with a current Android version. Another plus is that you benefit from regular security updates for Android. Expensive devices with an older Android full version are known to often fall behind .

Ultimately, the decision for or against Android Go is a matter of taste. Let us know in our comments, what you think of the lite variants and whether you would resort to a cheap entry-level smartphones with Android Go.

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