Fortnite Android

Fortnite Android

Warning over game download

The game that has become a global phenomenon in just a matter of months, is all set to move away from the traditional gaming platforms of PCs, Xbox and Playstations. Fortnite Android is coming to your mobile phones too.

But this could inevitably mean an opening for scammers who want to steal and manipulate your personal data. Find out with us, how you can identify possible scams.

Fortnite Android : the beginnings

Fortnite is an apocalyptic survival video game developed and published by Epic Games. It has attracted many fans both young and old over the past few months. It was originally released in July 2017 and comes in two different versions. Fortnite: Save the World was the first version to be released and costs around £40 to buy. It is set in contemporary Earth, where the sudden appearance of a worldwide storm causes 98% of the world’s population to disappear. And zombie-like creatures rise to attack the remainder.

The most popular version – Fortnite: Battle Royale has over 40 million players and is free to download. (Although there are in-game purchases where you can buy helpful items such as weapons and outfits etc.). It features up to 100 players, in squads of up to four players, in teams of two, or alone. All attempting to be the last player alive by killing other players or evading them. This is while remaining within a constantly shrinking safe zone, otherwise you will be affected by lethal damage from being outside it. Players must scavenge for weapons and armour to gain the upper hand on their opponents.

Watch out for scams : Fortnite Android

Fortnite Android soon coming to your mobile phone. Photo.Flickr

Fortnite Android is coming to your mobile

Despite being a smash hit, there is no firm release date for an Android version – yet!  Epic games have said that the Fortnite Android release date is “Summer” 2018, according to their blog. Gamers are hoping that a more specific date will be announced soon.

The interest in the game is at fever pitch, which has left the doors wide open to scammers. There are lots of scam sites that try to trick players into downloading a fake Fortnite Android app. But are, in fact malicious. Security experts at Malwarebytes have issued a warning about versions of Fortnite Android that are malware filled versions of the game.

Fake Fortnite Android on YouTube

Malwaresbytes have said that the apps are not located on the Google Play Store as you might expect. Instead, people have found them by searching “How to install Fortnite on Android” or “Fortnite for Android” in Google. They also find them by stumbling across links in YouTube ads. From there, the apps can be downloaded.

Android Police also discovered the fake Fortnite Android when they were doing simple Google searches as well as on YouTube. They said “Most of them can be easily spotted from their broken English and generally poor web design.” They went on to carry out an investigation and found that one app yielded a ‘high-confidence issue’. Also someone in the site’s comments section said that the app steals Fortnite accounts. Other fake apps were found to ask users to sign in in order to complete tutorials which resulted in their account information being stolen.

Forntnite Android

It seems though, that most of the fake apps don’t steal your login information, and instead auto-forward you to a survey site – thankfully!

So our message to you is : Be forewarned: Fortnite is not out on Android yet, and anything you see claiming to be a Fortnite Android app is a scam.

We have repeatedly reported on various scams and how to avoid them. But be on the safe side, visit your local TrustATec partner who will be able to advise you on the best antivirus solution for your Android phone



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