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Install Google Chrome Extensions

More safety for Chrome add ons

Browser extensions are a quick and easy way to add additional functions to your favorite browser. Google Chrome has now introduced some changes to make Google Chrome Extensions more safe.

Get all the information on which changes Google has planned for the new Chrome Extensions here with us.

Google Chrome Extensions: Installation only through the Google Web Store

Most modern browsers already come equipped with several useful features. But with browser extensions you can enjoy even more browser functions. By adding these small helpers you can customize your favorite browser to your liking and optimize the way you surf the web. You can choose between many different types of plugins, such as ad blockers, productivity tools and game extensions.

Up until now you could download Chrome Extensions from the Chrome Web Store and also from third-party providers. This is now going to change. Google already announced in a blog post on the Chromium Blog that they are planning on introducing some changes to the installation of Google Chrome Extensions. In the future you will only be able to install add-ons from the Google Web Store, a move that is mainly aimed at providing more safety for users.

Google Web Store

You can find all kinds of Google Chrome Extensions in the Web Store. (Photo: Screenshot)

More safety for Google Chrome Extensions

However useful Chrome Extensions may be: They are a frequent target for hackers, who try to smuggle malware onto your computer via these browser plugins. There have already been numerous cases of hacking reported with Google Chrome Extensions. Browser extensions can often be a threat to your personal data and computer as this post on the Kaspersky blog elaborates.

Especially Google Chrome Extensions by third-party sites are at risk when it comes to hacking. Malware is often unnoticeably smuggled onto your computer. For example, by using a different site than the Google Web Store to download your Chrome plugins. Hidden malware can cause serious damage to your computer and files.

Nevertheless, up until now so called inline installation have been quite popular to download Google Chrome Extensions directly from a third-party site and not use the Google Web Store. This will no longer be possible in the future.

Google bans inline installations for Chrome Extensions

In this Chromium blog post James Wagner explains that many users complain about unintentional Chrome Extensions. Most often these problems with Chrome plugins are the result of inline installations through third-party sites. For this reason Google will only let you install browser extensions through its own Web Store.

From now on you can no longer use inline installations for extensions. If you try to use this feature nevertheless you will be automatically redirected to the Google Web Store. This will also apply to older Google Chrome Extensions starting on September 12. The complete removal of this feature comes with the new Chrome 71, which will presumably be released in December 2018.

More safety for Google Chrome Extensions?

All in all, the changes in the installation of Chrome Extensions Google is now planning to introduce are a step towards more browser safety. But: An up-to-date virus protection is unbeatable. Even Google Chrome Extensions that you can download and install via the Web Store are not completely protected from corruption by malware and can therefore pose a security threat.

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