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Olio App for food sharing

Helping to tackle food waste

It’s a topic that most of us are concerned about. What to do with unwanted food that inevitably just gets thrown into the bin. Many of us condemn supermarkets who are renowned for this, when we actually do it ourselves week after week.

Now there is an app that can help to redistribute unwanted food with people in your local area. And it seems to be growing from strength to strength. Find out about the food sharing app, Olio with us..

Food sharing to stop wastage

We are all guilty of it: Buying those 3 for 2 ‘deals’ and then realising that we just can’t face another custard cream biscuit if our lives depended on it! Each family on average wastes around £700 a year ( £60 per month! ) just because we throw away food that could still be eaten, but just don’t want it crowding their food cupboards anymore. That’s an eye watering 7 million tonnes of food and waste every single year. This is also bad for landfill and the planets ecology. But what can we do instead? Well, there is a fairly new, innovative food sharing app called Olio, which, according to the creators, could be the answer.

The food sharing app Olio

Olio is a food sharing app that helps with food wastage Photo: Olio

What is Olio

The Olio website states that Olio connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses so that surplus food can be shared , not thrown away. This could be food nearing its sell-by date in local stores, spare home-grown vegetables, bread from your baker, or the groceries in your fridge when you go away. For your convenience, Olio can also be used for non-food household items too.

Simple food sharing idea

It couldn’t be easier. After downloading the app, users simply set their home location and then can see the items of food being advertised by their neighbours and local businesses. The app also suggests suitable items. This could range from unused packets that are nearing the sell by date to even half vegetables. You can then collect them from neighbour’s houses or via drop boxes held by local businesses.

Olio Lifeline

The new phenomenon has proved to be a lifeline to some people who are in financial difficulty and not just a way of combating food waste. Olio co-founder Tessa Cook told HuffPostUK “We started to hear some very moving feedback from our Food Waste Hero volunteers. They save surplus food from shops and businesses and redistribute it to their local communities via the app”. Companies are typically charged a small fee and in return Olio will dispatch its thousands of volunteers. These have been vetted and are trained in food hygiene to come to the stores and collect the food for redistribution.

Cook has personally met users who have used Olio to supplement their diet in times of crisis. She said that one mother wasn’t able to get a referral to a food bank so she used the app to pick up staple items to feed herself and her young daughter.

Funding for the food sharing app

In fact the UK startup company has picked up a £6M ‘Series A’ funding. This means that the business has shown a good track record and Series A funding is useful in optimising the product and user base. It also helps to monetise the the business for future growth. So it’s all looking very positive for the future.

You can download the Olio app from  iTunes for Apple devices or Google Play for Android device store. If you would like any advice on downloading apps for your tablet or mobile device contact your local TrustATec partner who will be happy to help.


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