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Check Windows 10 version

Is your version of Windows up to date?

As a rule, the operating system automatically does a regular check itself whether a new version is available. Sometimes it cannot find an update though – for various reasons. You can now conveniently check for yourself if your Windows 10 version is current.

Find out with us how this works and whether the transition to the professional update is still advisable.

Update Windows 10 version regularly

At least once a month, Microsoft releases patch updates for its Windows operating system. That’s a good thing, because it fixes vulnerabilities and issues such as those in the April update . Normally, your Windows machine checks for available updates itself. The utility responsible for this is “Windows Update”.

Actually, the utility will let you know when updates for your version of Windows are available. But the service will not always find one – even if there are actually pending updates to your Windows machine .

This means that your PC is not immediately updated with the latest Windows 10 version. Best case scenario is that nothing happens and the pending update will be found and installed with the next search for updates. But if you are unlucky, an outdated Windows version can quickly open the door for attackers who exploit vulnerabilities.

Is your Windows 10 version up to date?

With the new Microsoft page you can quickly check if your Windows 10 version is up to date. (Picture: screenshot)

Check Windows 10 version for newest versions

In the settings of your Windows machine, you can easily check which version of Windows you are currently using. There you can also trigger the search for updates manually. If the Windows Update service does not find a new version, you can usually assume that your PC is up to date.

But if you have the feeling that your device has not had any updates installed for a long time, you can easily check for yourself if your Windows 10 version is up to date. Microsoft has set up its own website for this, which tests your version of Windows in a matter of seconds. Important: You must open the page using the standard Microsoft Windows browser, Microsoft Edge. If you use another browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, this will automatically ask you if you want to open Edge when you visit the page.

Windows 10 version is outdated – what now?

If you find that your version of Windows is outdated during the Quick Release Test, you can trigger the pending update directly from the Microsoft Web site mentioned above. In addition, you should check if the Windows Update service is working properly. Sometimes, restarting the system helps to solve the problem.

Often, however, a deeper intervention is needed for the utility to work properly again and find pending updates. However, you should leave this to a professional, because their inexperienced users can quickly change other settings that may later lead to computer problems.

Have the Windows 10 version checked by a professional

If your Windows computer has other problems apart from not installed updates, it is worth having a chat with the experts. Often it is not an outdated version of Windows 10 that is responsible for errors, but other vulnerabilities. Your on-site TrustATec partner will use the system check to see if there are any updates for your operating system or if your device is affected by malicious software. In addition, you can also consult TrustATec about virus protection or upgrade to the latest Windows 10 version .


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