Upgrade to Windows 10 required soon?

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Upgrade to Windows 10 required soon?

Windows 7 support will end in 2020

Support for Windows 7 will end in 2020. Will upgrading to Windows 10 become mandatory soon? New compulsory compatibility updates for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. could indicate that this could be the case.

Find out what’s happening with the new mandatory updates for older versions of Windows here.

Why is the upgrade to Windows 10 useful?

Microsoft released Windows 10 three years ago. Since then, there have been two major updates every year that enhance the current version of Windows and add new features. We reported extensively about this year’s Spring Update Redstone 4 in March. Nevertheless, the older Windows versions Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 are still widely used.

For example, according to a recent report from Computerworld Windows 7  still has a market share of just over 40 percent. And that, although this Windows version is now well over nine years old. Only few users seem to consciously upgrade to Windows 10 .

Basically, the change makes sense, because Windows 10 offers much more functionality and is also safer than older versions of Windows. The great advantage is also that Windows 10 is regularly supplied with updates and so is always up to date. By the way: If you need help with upgrading to Windows 10 , then come to your local TrustATec partner and get advice on the Windows 10 update.

Upgrade to windows 10 mandatory soon

Does Microsoft make the upgrade to Windows 10 mandatory? (Image: pixabay.com/Simon)

Upgrading to Windows 10 may become mandatory

In order to simplify the transition from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, Microsoft has published ‘compatibility updates’ for these versions. You should make sure that the existing system and your configuration are compatible with Windows 10. In detail, these are the patch updates KB2952664 and KB2976978.

Both patches were previously voluntary. In fact, there is still no compulsion to upgrade to Windows 10. Nevertheless, Microsoft forces the Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 users to install the two mentioned patch updates. With this Microsoft wants to push the conversion from older Windows versions to Windows 10.

Review on patch updates

The patch updates KB2952664 and KB2976978 have been available for some time, but they do not have a good reputation among users. Exactly why the obligatory installation of the two compatibility updates is a nuisance for many users.

The main problem is that these updates send telemetry data to Microsoft. These should check the system for Windows 10 compatibility, but theoretically they also allow monitoring of PC usage behaviour. Since the above patches are now mandatory, you will not get around their installation. An uninstall also does not work and is generally not advisable. The same applies to disabling automatic updates,  explains Troy Hunt, who is a Microsoft director.

Windows 7 advertising upgrade to Windows 10

In addition to compulsory compatibility updates, Microsoft also wants to promote a new upgrade to Windows 10 campaign. Microsoft has presented plans for this at its Inspire partner conference. In particular, the manufacturers should make more advertising for the Windows upgrade in the future.

Windows 7 users will increasingly be called to the support end of the nine-year-old Windows version. The focus of the advertising campaign for the change on the part of the manufacturers are mainly about the security and the performance of Windows 10.

In addition, Microsoft itself could provide for commercials that remind you regularly of the support end of Windows 7 and the upgrade to Windows 10. However, it is not yet known how the advertisements look and how often they will be displayed.

Upgrade to Windows 10: Let’s go!

Even if the upgrade to Windows 10 is not yet mandatory, you should think about a quick change if you still use Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. The use of Windows 10 offers you many advantages such as a better performance of your PC or notebook and much more security.

Visit  your local TrustATec partner, who will gladly help you with your Windows Upgrade or take over the new device setup for you. Of course, we also advise you on the topic of data transfer or a complete system transfer .

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