Location History disabled?

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Location History disabled?

Google records your location anyway

Smartphone location services can actually be a good thing. Many apps work better when they record your location. However, some apps save the current location even if Location History is turned off.

And although some apps don’t even need a location function, they still record the location. Find out how you can prevent this happening.

Google records location history

The AP news agency reports that Google is recording your locations – even if you have disabled location history. It does not matter if you use an Apple or an Android device. Google apps are not supposed to be interested in whether you’ve turned off the details of your location.. Even if you do turn it off, Google will still record your current location.

Although you can find help on the help pages of Google, to manage Google tracking , this sometimes will make no difference to the behaviour of some apps. According to AP, Google will save your data when you open Google Maps or receive an automatic weather update. Google stores the location, even for some queries where your location is unimportant. Incidentally, you can find your location information in your Google Account under My Activity.

Google saves your location history

Wherever you go: Google saves your location accurately – even if the location history is disabled. Photo: Pixabay

Why does Google store location and history?

Still, it begs the question of why Google stores location and history. The reason is quite simple: Google provides you with interesting ads the relate to your location. Of course Google can only do that if it knows what you are looking for and where you are staying.

Your saved locations and all other activities that Google stores can be removed from “My activities” via “Delete activities”.You can switch off the recording of your activities completely  via the settings. While computer scientist Jonathan Mayer of Princeton University criticises Google and demands that if the location history can be deactivated, all apps must adhere to it, but Google disagrees. A spokesman said that Google uses a number of channels to track users’ location and clearly explain it to users in their explanations. The location history and the web and app activities can be switched on and off separately.

Enabled Location History on Google

If you’ve enabled Location History on Google, you can use the Google Maps “My Timeline” feature to view your stays through the Google Timeline , among other things . Even photos uploaded to Google Photos, which you created, for example, on a trip, will be displayed there.

But of course you can turn it off if you can or want to do without it. Go into the settings of your Android smartphone and then select the “Google Settings”. Now go to Location and then Google Location Report / Location History, or Google Location History, depending on your smartphone. Here you have the option to delete the history via “delete location history” and to prohibit further storage via “on / off” on the top right.

With Apple, you turn off Google’s location by going to Settings, then selecting Privacy and selecting Location Services. With the slider you can stop the tracking for all apps or decide for each app.

So you can switch off the Google location in Maps

But there is an even easier alternative to disable Google tracking in Google Maps: Open the Google Maps app and tap My Timeline in the left bar. At the top right, tap on the three dots and select “Settings”. Here you can specify what should be displayed in your timeline. But you can also disable the location history and delete the stored data.

Another alternative is to sign in to your Google Account through a web browser. Click on “Personal Data & Privacy”, then “Manage Google Activities” and select the “Activity Settings”. Here you can permanently deactivate the storage of the location. For that you have to push the button to the left on “off”. If you want to delete already saved data, click “Manage history”. You then get to your timeline and can  delete the location history by clicking on the trash can icon .

What do you think about Google storing your location, even if you turned it off? Let us know in our comments. And if you need help with problems around your smartphone, tablet, laptop and computer, do not hesitate, but come to your local TrustATec partner . We will find the right service for your problem.


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