Call Apple Support?

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Call Apple Support?

Beware: Apple Email is a phishing attempt

Scammers are always trying with new ideas to get money or data of others. Currently, iPhone users are affected. Have you had an Apple email to call their Apple Support line?

Why you shouldn’t ring them and what the Apple-mail is exactly, you will learn from us.

Apple email is phishing attempt?

The criminals have devised a very special way to make you fall victim of fraud. To do this, the scammers are currently sending an Apple email. This is an email that will cause you to call Apple Support. In the email, you will be notified of an attempt to access your Apple account.

While the Apple Mail is clearly phishing, it is a different phishing attempt than commonly known and often described by us. Be sure to read our posts about recent phishing attempts .

Beware of a new phishing email. The phone number does not lead you to Apple support. Photo: Pixabay

Beware of a new phishing email. The phone number does not lead you to Apple support. Photo: Pixabay

Call Apple Support? Better not!

The Apple email of course contains a link. You would expect this to lead you to a fake login page. Instead, a dialogue opens with a phone number. Then by clicking again ,  you call Apple support -or at least that’s what you think!. .

In the meantime, a window opens in the background, which provides you with scary information. Apparently, your device was “blocked for illegal activity”. To unlock the device, you need to call Apple Support. The phone number is already displayed, so you can choose directly.

But you should not do that, because you will not end up with real Apple support , but most likely it will be a call center abroad. And that means the call will cost you dearly.

Calling Apple Support leads to phishing

If you still want to call the apparent Apple support , then you must be aware that you are in a phishing trap. Here are the most important features to recognise:

  • You got the Apple email, although you’re not an Apple user at all.
  • There is no personal address, just a general address like “Dear Customer”.
  • The grammar and spelling in the email are incorrect.
  • The email contains a link that you should definitely click on.
  • There is no indication of the problem described when logging in on the original page.
  • The sender and link addresses sound “strange”.
  • Your anti-virus program reports abnormalities.

Not every phishing e-mail contains abnormalities. The spelling is getting better in fraudulent emails, logos are forged almost true to the original. It is important that you keep your anti-virus program up to date.

Great service from TrustATec

If you’ve fallen for the Apple email, that’s no reason to panic. First change all your passwords from another device. Be sure to launch your antivirus software or come to your TrustATec partner on site and get advice – for the best virus protection , for virus removal and also for data backup .

Of course you should not delete the email in which you should call the Apple support. Save them and submit them to the police as evidence if you file a complaint. Also inform your bank  so that they can prevent any unauthorised payments. If you’re an Apple customer, you should also contact genuine Apple support .

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