Windows update error

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Windows update error

Intel patch causes boot problems

We have advised you time after time to install updates as early as possible in order to close security gaps.

If you have updated Windows recently, you may get errors due to the new Windows update. Read on to find out whether the update for Windows 10 will cause you problems.

Windows update errors are possible

It sounds crazy, but the Windows update may, in fact, cause errors. The update includes an Intel patch to close the Specter vulnerability. Several users have reported issues after installing the update. Comments and complaints can be found both in the blog dedicated to Microsoft topics and on the social news portal Reddit.

Why is there a Windows Update error?

What is the reason for the Windows Update error? The problem is that even computers that do not have the processors endangered by Spectre will probably get the update. Allegedly AMD systems are also affected.

The result is that boot operations hang and there are problems that make the computer unusable. So far, it’s not clear if the Windows 10 issues are exceptions. It is not known how many computers without an Intel CPU the update was distributed to.

Windows update could cause error

Before you do a Windows Update, check whether the patch is ready in the settings. Photo: Pixabay

Prevent Windows 10 problems

Important: If you know that you don’t have an Intel processor in your computer, then you don’t need the security patch number KB4100347 either. If the update has not yet been installed and your computer is still working correctly, then uninstall the patch for security reasons. In doing so, you will prevent the Windows 10 problems occurring. 

To uninstall the security patch, do the following: Enter “Settings” in the Windows search field and tap the corresponding Microsoft app. Now click on “Update and Security”. Under “Check for updates” you will find the link “Show update history”. If you click on it, an overview of your Windows updates will appear. At the top, you will find a link where you can uninstall updates. Select the patch KB4100347 by right-clicking on it and uninstall it.

If you notice any errors since the Windows update, then it’s best to go to your local TrustATec partner on site. Our technical experts are available to help you with all kinds of computer problems and can help you with installing the Windows update correctly.


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