Foldable mobile phone is ‘not far away’

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Foldable mobile phone is ‘not far away’

Samsung plans for launch in November

The rumours have been circulating for a while. It has been a long time coming – a foldable mobile phone! Recent reports suggest that it is now definitely on the cards.

CEO of Samsung’s mobile phone division, DJ Koh has announced a foldable smartphone. Find more details out with us.

Long awaited foldable mobile phone

Rumours about a foldable mobile phone have been around for a long time. Several manufacturers have been working and experimenting with the foldable smartphone. The only question is which manufacturer will present its foldable mobile phone first? LG, Lenovo, ZTE and Oppo are working towards this goal, as well as Huawei, Apple, and Samsung.

Apple is not in the race though. Tim Cook recently stressed that his customers are not guinea pigs. If a foldable mobile phone actually comes on the market, then Apple will catch up later, but with high-quality technology.

Foldable mobile phone

In Samsung’s patent drawing, the foldable mobile phone looked like this. Photo: Screenshot

Samsung announces foldable mobile phone

The fact that Samsung is announcing a foldable mobile phone for this year is likely to be Big Samsung news, and will put the competition in a lot of trouble.

Samsung CEO DJ Koh has made it very clear to The US TV station CNBS. “It’s time to deliver,” said Koh, alluding to the rumours about a folding cell phone.

We have already reported on the development of such a smartphone. You can find more information in our blog post Unlock Samsung Mobile . However, there are still no details on the Samsung website .

When will the foldable smartphone arrive?

The question remains, when will the foldable smartphone actually be here? What will it cost and will it be any good? DJ Koh has announced that the launch will be at the Samsung Developer Conference. It will take place in San Francisco on the 7th and 8th of November. If the rumours are to be believed, Samsung now sees enough potential buyers for the folding smartphone.

There is still no clue as to what the name will be. While some sources assume that the new smartphone will be called Galaxy X, others think it will be called Galaxy F. Apparently, the smartphone will cost more than £1300.

Samsung’s foldable mobile phone a pure prototype?

In the interview with CNBS, DJ Koh did not elaborate on the details of the planned smartphone. He emphasised, however, that you can use “most functions even when closed”. What’s also important to DJ Koh is that Samsung redesigns the user experience when it’s folded out, so that a foldable phone is significantly different from the “phablet” user experience.

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