F-Secure SAFE multi device security

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F-Secure SAFE multi device security

Best protection against viruses for your devices

Are your Internet-enabled devices equipped with the latest anti-virus software? Do you have separate software for each device or maybe you are already using F-Secure SAFE multi device security software, for up to 5 devices in one worry-free package?

Find out with us what the anti-virus software from F-Secure can do and what makes it special.

F-Secure SAFE multi device security protects multiple devices

Protection against viruses is so important these days and we repeatedly report on virus attacks , Trojans and other malware. As criminals get more and more bold when it comes to achieving their goals, manufacturers need to provide better and more comprehensive antivirus software. F-Secure SAFE simultaneously protects up to five devices. It does not matter if you use Windows, Linux, Android or macOS.

If you surf the Internet with your computer, a tablet, a Mac or your smartphone, all four devices are protected. If you have a family with four smartphones and a family computer, all of your devices will be protected when you go online. You have the choice and can combine according to your needs.

Thanks toF-Secure Safe, all your devices are protected with just one license. Screenshot: F-Secure

Virus protection for all devices – F-Secure SAFE multi device security

With F-Secure SAFE multi device security you get virus protection for all devices. It protects you against malware that may collect and distribute your personal information. To prevent infections, F-Secure SAFE automatically scans all files and applications. If any viruses are found, you will be notified immediately and instructed to remove them.

Browsing and Banking protection with F-Secure SAFE

Using online banking can be risky, and may deter you from paying bills or checking your balances online. With F-Secure SAFE, the browsing protection keeps you safe from harmful and dangerous web pages to ensure your security and privacy. Banking protection lets you know when you enter a safe banking site and secures the connection to the site. This means that your money stays safe.

F-Secure SAFE multi device

F-Secure SAFE multi device software has many useful features Screenshot : F-Secure

Lost your phone? Don’t panic!

It can be your worst nightmare if you lose your phone. But F-Secure SAFE can take the worry away. It’s easy to check the location of your phone in the My F-Secure service. On Android, you can also lock a lost device or delete all your information to prevent other people from accessing your personal files, for example photos and emails.

Child protection made easy

Children are spending more and more time online. F-Secure SAFE not only blocks harmful content but you can also set time limits for their screen time.  The F-Secure security software offers another advantage: Before you decide to buy, you can try the product as a trial for 30 days.

If you need more information, contact your local TrustATec partner. Our service technicians will advise you on virus protection and explain to you which product suits your needs.


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