Hacked Instagram account

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Hacked Instagram account

Profile data changed after hacker attack

What a terrible shock when you find that you can no longer access your Instagram account. This is happening to some users at the moment. So it could happen to you – your Instagram account gets hacked and you have no access.

How could this be, when there is two-factor authentication? The fact is that more and more users complain that they no longer have access to their profile. Find out why and how this happens.

Hacked Instagram account?

Ever since the beginning of August, users are repeatedly reporting that they suddenly get kicked out of their own account. It becomes clear that you have been hacked! As well as the sudden log-out from your Instagram account, the “About Me” section is also deleted, along with the contact details. And last but not least, the hackers have also changed your Instagram-linked email address to an .ru domain address.

The problem with hacking your Instagram account is that you can not easily get it back. Many people have reported that their efforts were unsuccessful. More and more users on Twitter complain that they can no longer log into their Instagram account  to update their profile data . One of them is Tommy Cahlstadt:

Hacked Instagram account

This user has had their Instagram account hacked. Phots: Screenshot

It is unclear what the attackers actually want with your account. The criminals do not delete old posts from you, or add new ones. So far, they only exchange the profile picture for a Disney or Pixar movie character, as BBC reports .

Instagram account hacked – and now?

Instagram itself gives tips on how to get your account back, in their blog post. You should note the following if your Instagram account has been hacked and you want to get it back:

  • You received an email from Instagram informing you of a change of email address? Click on the link “Undo this change” and change your password into a secure password.
  • Use a new, secure email address to restore your account.
  • Block access to suspicious third-party apps and enable two-factor authentication for extra security.

On its help pages, Instagram also provides security tips on how to  protect your Instagram account against attackers. In our blog we give advice on creating a secure password . How the two-factor authentication works, is explained in the blog post what is 2FA. Do you have questions about data protection and virus removal? Then come to your local TrustATec partner  


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