Popular Mozilla addons

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Popular Mozilla addons

Firefox plugins for every taste

Which browser do you prefer to surf the web with? The most popular browser is Google Chrome, followed by Safari and Firefox. But you can only get the best Firefox internet experience when you use Mozilla addons.

Are you using Firefox plugins? We’ll tell you which ones are most popular.

Mozilla addons for every taste

As with all other browsers you can find many different Firefox plugins. There is a browser extension for every task because simply displaying a website is outdated. Nowadays internet browsers have to offer a lot more. Frequent users of YouTube have probably very different needs than people who just like to surf the internet anonymously.

We’ll show you Mozilla addons such as download tools, safety extensions and more. Which ones are worth it, which ones are useful and which Firefox plugin should you pass on? The best way to find out is to simply try using them.

Mozilla addons

Mozilla addons are small are like small building blocks, which make using Mozilla Firefox more convenient. (Photo: Pixabay)

More safety with Firefox plugins

When you use the internet on a regular basis you have to concern yourself with the issue of safety. Viruses, worms and malware are constantly looking for new victims. Malware does not only spread through email attachments but also through websites. One wrong click on a fake ad and it has happened. So it’s not surprising that safety tools are among the most popular Mozilla addons.

  • NoScript blocks Java scripts, Java Applets, Flash and Silverlight animations on websites. They are only played with your approval. Furthermore, this Mozilla addon hides annoying advertisements and so increases safety due to the fact that potentially harmful websites are blocked right away.
  • You can protect your privacy from spyware and malware with Privacy Badger. This Firefox plugin recognises patterns in the source code of websites you visit and rates them according to their level of threat: Red means that the website uses tools to track your activity. Yellow tells you that a problematic code has been found. The first step is to block cookies. Green is the rating for unobjectionable websites.

Mozilla addons for videos

Lots of information can be accessed via Youtube. You can find music videos, manuals and advice for every issue and topic on one of the numerous video platforms. Consequently, there are many Firefox plugins to make it more convenient.

  • You can use Video DownloadHelper to save web clips onto your computer to watch them offline. Once you watch a video on a website, the clip is downloaded and converted. The plugin works with amongst others YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Metacafe and Dailymotion.
  • If you are looking for a way to download the audio of a video you might find YouTube a MP3 useful. This browser extension inserts a button to the YouTube website so that you can download the currently played clip as an MP3. The converter is executed in your opened window and takes only a few minutes.
  • You can dim the surrounding area of a video with Turn Off the Lights. This way you are not distracted by other web content. You can find this Firefox plugin through a small icon next to the address bar. As soon as you click on the lightbulb icon the colour of your background changes into a matte black.

Mozilla addons for WhatsApp and co.

If you have to work a lot on your computer it can be annoying to take your mobile out of your pocket for every single WhatsApp message. But maybe you are looking to avoid the distraction of Facebook etc.? There are some handy Mozilla addons for this.

  • Get the popular messenger as a Firefox plugin with WhatsApp-Web-Messenger. You can connect your Android mobile or iPhone by scanning the QR code generated by the browser extension. Apart from messages you can also send photos, videos and audio recordings.
  • The Facebook Blocker does what its name suggests: It blocks you from using the social media platform for a certain period of time. To use this function you have to set a beginning and an end through the browser extension. When you try to access a social media site during this time you will receive a message.

Mozilla addons cost performance

In many cases Mozilla addons are very useful. They come in handy if you want to extend the functions of your Firefox browser. But they can also slow your browser down and make starting it up more time-intensive. The more Firefox plugins you have installed – this applies to all browser, not only Mozilla Firefox, the more likely it is that your browser’s performance will be affected by these extensions. The only solution: Delete or disable addons you don’t need or use only seldom.

Learn which browser is the safest in our browser comparison or read how to remove the annoying toolbar from Chrome, Firefox and the Internet Explorer. Are you looking for a faster internet experience? Our Wifi Set-up service can help. Just contact a TrustATec service partner near you.



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