What is a Smart TV?

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What is a Smart TV?

Avoid security gaps on your smart devices

The concept of Smart Homes is definitely a hot topic at the moment. Whether it’s via Alexa or Siri – heating, lights or blinds can be controlled remotely. The sky’s the limit, thanks to the Smart Home. There are also Smart Watches and Smart TVs – But what is a Smart TV exactly? And what security gaps could there be?

We’ll describe the benefits and show you how to protect yourself from potential outside attacks, through your Smart TV.

What is a Smart TV?

With all the talk about having a Smart Home, one question is sometimes not answered – What exactly is a Smart TV? Simply put, this is not a classic TV, but an “intelligent” TV. So it’s a TV that can do more and has extra features. The basic requirement for this is that you can connect the TV to the Internet. Only then is it a Smart TV.

Modern televisions have additional interfaces for LAN or WLAN. Alternatively, you can also equip your Smart TV with WLAN sticks. You can even connect USB sticks and SD cards to your TV.

Apps on the Smart TV

Once the TV is connected to the Internet, you can use various apps on the user interface. For example, you can stream movies, listen to music, watch YouTube videos, or surf the Web. Even online banking works with the right app on a Smart TV. You can control the menus in your remote control, newer models already have a voice control or a touch remote control.

If you want more information on the question “What is Smart TV”?, take a look on Wikipedia.

Smart TV

A Smart TV is indispensable in British households. But what is a Smart TV exactly and how safe are they? Photo: Pixabay

How safe are Smart TVs?

Now that we have answered the question “What is a Smart TV?”, Another question arises, namely the question of security. Again and again we report on hacker attacks of various kinds,  apps with dubious privacy and questionable permissions . Is the Smart TV in danger? What happens to the login data you put into a Smart TV?

The fact is that devices that are connected to the Internet are basically at risk. It is possible for Smart TV devices to record conversations, to exploit security gaps or to take over and then control the device.

Safety tips for Smart TVs

We have summarised a few safety tips for you, so that you can continue to stream your favourite series, music or YouTube videos in the future.

Tip one: Secure router

Your router is the linchpin for the security of your devices. If it is not properly set up and meaningfully encrypted, your door is open to hackers. So: Change your password and change the username. Both should be difficult for an attacker to guess. How to create a secure password, you will learn in our blog about creating a secure password.

In addition, you should always update your router with the latest firmware to close any possible security holes. When buying new you should also pay attention to the security standard WPA3 .

Tip two: Configure your Smart TV correctly

You can configure the settings on your Smart TV for your safety. You should take a special look in the privacy settings. Eset has written about how you can protect your Smart TV in their blog.

Be aware that most Smart TVs do not have an automatic update feature. So you have to be proactive yourself and install updates manually.

Tip three: Dealing with apps

Also you should consider how apps are handled on your Smart TV. You should remove apps that you do not use, as soon as you can, because each feature could be a potential security gap. At the same time, you should think carefully about which apps you install on your Smart TV. Criminals have many ideas to attack you with fake or manipulated apps.

There are many dangers, whether it’s malicious software, banking Trojans or other ransomware. Only trust apps from trusted sources such as the App Store.

Tip four: Virus protection for your Smart TV

Since you can surf the Internet with your Smart TV just as you can with a smartphone, tablet or PC, you will need virus protection for your TV. Viruses and other ransomware can cause damage on the Smart TV. You can find suitable apps, for example, from ESET in the Google Play Store . or you can protect your Smart Home at the gateway – your router,  with F-Secure Sense – your local TrustATec partner will be pleased to give you advice and supply all your Smart Home needs.

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