Chrome 70 is available

Chrome 70 is available

Chrome update fixes security vulnerabilities

A new Chrome version has been recently released called Chrome 70 which fixes some critical vulnerabilities in Google’s browser. It would be in your best interests to install it as soon as you can.

Find out with us, what innovations the Chrome update brings.

Chrome 70 is available

A new version of Chrome is set to be released at regular intervals, usually every six weeks. The regular browser updates ensure that you get new features and fixes weaknesses in the Google browser.

So even with the release of Chrome 70, the improvement of browser security comes first.

Chrome 70 update

The new version, Chrome 70 brings many improvements and fixes critical security vulnerabilities. (Bild_

New Chrome version fixes 23 security holes

Abdul Syed from the Chrome release team, reports about the release of Chrome 70. In the official blog post, he says that the developers have resolved a total of 23 security holes. This includes some vulnerabilities classified as a high security risk. The vulnerability allows attackers to view sensitive data. They can get past Google’s security measures to manipulate data or gain access to the device. A Distributed Denial of Service  (unavailability of an Internet service) could even be possible.

Chrome 70 redesigned auto-login feature

In addition to numerous security fixes, the Chrome developers of the new version of Chrome have also added some other improvements. Among other things, the sharply criticized auto-login feature of Chrome 69 has been revised. Users can now deactivate and activate it themselves.

Chrome 70: Update Chrome now

Since Chrome 70 closes several critical vulnerabilities, you should update Chrome as soon as possible.  Usually, the Google browser automatically installs available updates. You can also manually check which version of Chrome is installed on your device. Go to the settings for chrome: // settings / help and check if an update is available for your browser.

So that your PC or laptop is best protected against security gaps and other problems, a regular security check is useful in addition to up-to-date virus protection . Come to your local TrustATec partner on site and get some professional advice.

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