Technology gadgets for Christmas

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Technology gadgets for Christmas

5 Tips for Useful Technology Gifts

It’s only halfway through November, but we all know that Christmas always seems to spring upon us, seemingly out of nowhere. So that you are not caught on the hop without any Christmas presents, we will show you various technology gadgets that are ideal Christmas gift ideas.

Examples include games, smart home and the internet of things.

Technology gadgets for Christmas – not just for nerds

Which type of present buyer are you? Do you buy all of your Christmas presents and have them wrapped by June? Or do you run around the shops like a maniac on Christmas Eve looking for the perfect present? There are numerous Christmas gift ideas, especially for technology enthusiasts that suit every budget.

The product range goes from “definitely useful” to “just for fun” to “is somehow cool, but is a bit pointless”. To make your decision a little easier, we’ve picked out some tech gadgets that should please everyone – not just nerds!

Gaming consoles are a great gift

A classic technology gift: gaming consoles like the Nintendo Classic Mini. (Picture: Screenshot / Nintendo)

Technology Gadgets Tip 1: Gaming

The first category of our Christmas gifts is about gaming. On one hand, many new games for the PlayStation, XBox etc. have come on the market this year, which should please everyone and not just keep hardcore gamers happy. For example, the latest installment of Assassin’s Creed (Assassin’s Creed Odyssey) or Desperados III. Otherwise, of course, classics like Fifa 19 or the Western Shooter Red Dead Redemption 2 are good contenders to be presents under the Christmas tree.

On the other hand, If you prefer to dig deeper, you can make your loved one happy with a game console, for example. Retro consoles are currently very much in vogue at the moment. Nintendo already has the Nintendo Classic Mini  (SNES) on the market. We could see the Nintendo N64 Classic Mini released in November 2018,  just in time for the holiday season. But even a retro PlayStation or the C64 Mini are exciting technology gifts for Christmas.

Technology Gadgets Tip 2: Language Assistants and Smart Home

Smart home and language assistants are a hot topic at the moment. That’s why we shouldn’t leave them out of our gift finder for technology gifts. For example, in terms of voice assistant, you can choose between Amazon Alexa , Apple’s HomePod and Google Home . In addition, many home appliances now offer a voice control based on one of the these language assistants.

Other gadgets in this category are speaker systems with voice assistant. For example, you can control your music or have the sound of your TV broadcasted. There are many of these systems on the market, for example Sonos, Panasonic or JBL.

Technology gifts in the Smart Home area

With smart lighting or smart heating systems, you can quickly turn your home or home into a smart home. There are also intelligent sockets, with which you can operate electrical applicances or remote control lamps, etc.

Mood lights like Eve Flare are also a nice Christmas gift idea. These can also be controlled via app or voice control. A little less smart, but more practical are sockets that also have USB ports . For example, you can charge multiple devices via USB and regular socket at the same time.

For more security, intelligent doorbell systems such as Ring . It uses two-way audio, infrared night vision, and customisable motion sensors to make sure you always know who’s outside of your front door. By the way: If you need help with the installing video surveillance , your local TrustATec partner will be happy to help you.

Technology gadgets

Intelligent doorbell systems ensure greater safety in the smart home. (Picture: screenshot / ring)

Technology Gadget Tip 3: For technology hobbyists

Granted, now we are slowly but surely moving in the direction of “technology gifts for nerds”. But: There are many technology gadgets that can be fun for all ages. And there is lots of talk about robots. Of these, there is now virtually a useful helper for every area of life, for example robots that mow the lawn or vacuum the house.

But they are also available in smaller versions. For example, you can gain entry into programming, for example with the Droid Inventor Kit.  Even with a Raspberry Pi many exciting projects can be implemented without extensive programming knowledge being required. For example, even inconspicuous home devices can be transformed into a smart home-capable device.

Technique Gadgets Tips 4: For Sporty people

Do you enjoy sports or do you like to be outdoors? There are also matching technology gadgets that are suitable as a gift for Christmas. For example, those who travel a lot by bicycle and have ever wanted a bicycle navigation device will find what they are looking for , for example, at the Cobi Hub or the SmartHalo Bicycle Navigator . This turns a normal bike into a smart bike and, thanks to additional safety features such as a built-in alarm system and a digital bell, means more safety on the road.

If you travel a lot and use your smartphone, you probably need a power supply more often. In addition to the classic power bank, battery cases are a gift for Christmas. This protects your smartphone better from external influences and also gets an extra bit of battery life. However, if your smartphone battery drains too fast in spite of everything, your TrustATec partner will help you by checking your smartphone.

Technology Gadgets Bonus Tip: Treat your old devices

While there are countless technology gadgets on the market that can please you and your loved ones under the Christmas tree, the daily protection of your old faithful PC and notebook is also a great gift idea. For example check your existing security software is up to date. Or treat them to a good old clean. This is done by the technical team at your local TrustATec partner

So – Which technology gadgets for Christmas inspire you? Do you have any ideas for cool technology gifts? Let us know in our comments.

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