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Sky Ultimate On Demand

Sky and Netflix are working together

If you like video streaming, you are spoiled for choice with Sky, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. However, things will be easier for Sky and Netflix customers in the future, as Sky and Netflix are now working together with Sky Ultimate On Demand.

We will summarise the new combi package from Sky and Netflix for you.

Sky Ultimate On Demand: Netflix on Sky Q

There are now countless providers for video-on-demand and video streaming services. The problem is that not every provider has all films and series on offer. Popular series such as “Game of Thrones” will usually only be available from one supplier. This means that you will often have to subscribe to various streaming services in order to stream all of your favourite shows and movies.

To help streamline the streaming-provider jungle, Sky Ultimate On Demand is now offering a new bundle package for Sky and Netflix customers. You can easily use Netflix via Sky Q and save even more money. 

Sky Ultimate On Demand

Sky and Netflix customers can now use both streaming services via Sky Q (Image: Screenshot / Sky)

Sky Ultimate On Demand: What’s it all about

Sky Q has been around since May 2018. It is the digital platform of the pay-TV channel Sky. The special thing about Sky Q is that not only does it have the Sky offering, but the platform also supports the integration of other apps. Under the name Sky Ultimate On Demand, you can now also use your Netflix account via Sky Q. So you can stream all Netflix movies and series conveniently on the digital Sky-Q receiver and get access to the entire entertainment offer from Sky at the same time.

Included in the Ultimate On Demand package is the standard subscription from Netflix. It lets you stream Netflix content in HD quality on two devices at the same time. In addition, however, you can also book the Netflix premium subscription for an additional charge.The new combination package of Sky and Netflix can be combined with other Sky packages..

Requirements for Sky Ultimate On Demand

Basically, the use of the Sky Ultimate On Demand package is open to all users of Sky and Netflix. The only requirement is the Sky Q receiver. You receive this free of charge when completing a Sky subscription.

If you already have a Sky Q account, you can also sign up for Netflix and use the Netflix offer. Likewise, you can log into Sky Q using your existing Netflix account.

What does Sky Ultimate On Demand cost?

The new Sky package with integrated Netflix standard subscription costs £30 per month. The minimum contract period for this is 18 months. If you want the Netflix Ultra HD premium subscription, you will need to pay a further £12 extra. This means it will be £42 per month but you can watch on 4 screens in the Sky Q Experience. But there is also a one of cost of £40.

More information about the new Sky package can be found on the product page. If you want to know more about Netflix, take a look at our blog. What do you think about the new Sky package? Will you use the new offer from Sky and Netflix or do you prefer a different provider? Let us know in our comments.

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