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New Palm smartphone

Palm smartphone as a second phone

The trend is to have a second hand phone – at least, this is what a Californian startup are saying.  They have acquired the trademark rights to “Palm”, and have now introduced a new credit card sized Palm smartphone.

Find out about the details of this new Palm phone with us, and whether it is likely to be useful for you.

New Palm smartphone fits in your pocket

If you take a look at the current top models of the various mobile phone manufacturers, the trend is clearly “the bigger, the better”. The flagship models of Samsung, and Apple etc. usually have a display size of about six inches, sometimes even more. This means that  the new models often no longer fit in your pocket and people with small hands have problems with one-handed operation.

But with the new Palm smartphone, you have something completely different. With a screen size of 3.3 inches, it fits in any pocket because it’s about the size of a regular credit card. By comparison, it’s almost as big as the very first iPhone released in 2007. But is the new mini-smartphone any good?

Palm smartphone is tiny

The new Palm smartphone comes in an unusual size – namely with a 3.3 inch display.

New Palm smartphone: details

The display of the new Palm smartphone is an LCD display made of Corning Gorilla Glass with HD resolution. The frameless display has an 8 MP front camera installed. In addition, you can snap good quality pictures with the 12 MP rear camera. The Palm phone also offers three gigabytes of memory and 32GB of internal memory and supports unlocking by face recognition.

According to the manufacturer, there is an 800mAh battery which can power the device in standby mode for up to three days. In addition, the Palm phone is waterproof and dustproof according to protection class IP68. A small disadvantage of the new Palm smartphone: It does not come with the latest Android version Android 9.0 Pie, but with the previous version Android 8.1 Oreo .

Palm smartphone as a second phone

If you take a closer look at the specifications of the new Palm phone, you will notice that it lags behind other models, especially in terms of battery performance. In fact, the goal of the new Palm smartphone is not to be used constantly as your main mobile phone. Instead, the mini-smartphone is like a smartwatch to complement your normal Apple or Android phone.

The idea is that you can take it to concerts, to the gym or on trips for example, and leave your normal mobile phone at home. It will be paired with your main device via a number-sharing feature of your mobile service provider. So you get all notifications, calls and text messages on the Palm phone.

Availability of the Palm smartphone in the UK

In the US, the new Palm phone is already available exclusively with a contract from the US mobile service provider Verizon. You can choose between titanium and gold colours. The Palm phone will be available soon in the UK exclusively with Vodafone for the first six months. They have yet to confirm exact pricing or UK release date as of yet.

However, the prices for the mini smartphone in the US are steep: It costs around 300 US dollars (about £234).

The question is, whether the purchase of the Palm smartphone pays off as a second hand phone? Would you buy a mini-smartphone as a second mobile phone? Let us know in our comments. By the way: If you need help with the setup of your Android smartphone or want to install a new virus protection on your mobile phone, your local TrustATec partner will be  glad to help you .

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