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YouTube adverts are getting longer

YouTube ads are already a thorn in the side of many users. There could be even more of them soon. The developers of the video platform have announced a change in their advertising strategy.

Read on to find out what exactly is behind it and what it specifically means for how YouTube advertising is displayed.

YouTube Advertising: Are longer YouTube Ads coming soon?

Virtually all social media platforms have ads today. You can find internet advertising all over the internet. But on the video platform YouTube, ads are a big thing. They are often found right in the of a video that you are enjoying and cannot always be skipped after a few seconds. In addition, films or products are often advertised that are not relevant to the user at all.

No wonder that most users are annoyed by YouTube ads or blocks of ads when they are trying to watch videos in peace and without annoying ads. Now the YouTube executives have announced a change in their advertising strategy in a recent blog post. Soon there could be longer YouTube ads.

YouTube Ads

YouTube rethinks its advertising strategy: More or more YouTube ads can be the result. (

YouTube advertising with advertising blocks

You will already know the principle of advertising blocks from television. The broadcast of commercials is not individual but in bundled commercial blocks. A similar process is now being suggested for  YouTube.

In the future, YouTube advertising will also appear bundled. This means that two YouTube ads will be played in succession. But this means that fewer or no advertising breaks will happen later in the video. Bundled YouTube ads will appear either at the beginning of the video or in the middle. The videos in which two directly consecutive advertisements are recorded depend, among other things, on the length of the video and other factors, reports Laura Stampler.

New advertising model on YouTube will come later this year

In the announcement blog post on the Google Ads blog, Khushbu Rathi (Product Manager Video Ads) explains why YouTube is moving towards a new advertising strategy. User behaviour has changed significantly in recent years. In addition, studies have shown that user satisfaction increases when they see fewer YouTube ads. Users will watch videos with fewer YouTube ads more often until the end, and overall view ads more often.

The YouTube developers want to better meet this changed user behaviour with the new advertising strategy. The new advertising model with two consecutive YouTube ads will be rolled out on PCs and notebooks later this year. The roll-out then takes place on mobile and TV sets.

YouTube Ads

This is how the new presentation of YouTube Ads could look like. You have the choice of how you look at the YouTube ad. (Image: YouTube)

YouTube advertising on TV is becoming more important

In general, YouTube advertising is playing an increasingly important role on TV. According to Rathi, users worldwide watch more than 180 million hours of YouTube video on TV every day. Since October, YouTube has also offered advertisers the opportunity to target advertising campaigns for TVs. These are optimised for display on particularly large displays of smart TVs and are only broadcast there.

After the launch of YouTube Music and YouTube Premium, this is the next big change to the video platform. What do you think of the new advertising concept? Do you prefer watching YouTube advertising for a bit longer, or do you not mind your videos being interrupted by YouTube Ads? Let us know in the comments.

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