Android Pie without Samsung Themes

Android Pie without Samsung Themes

Smartphone users are angry

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and are waiting eagerly for the latest Android update? Samsung probably won’t be rolling out the update to Android Pie on Galaxy devices before January 2019. Nevertheless, it is already clear that a popular function will disappear.

Find out with us which functions Samsung is getting rid of and if there is replacement.

Android Pie is coming in 2019

So far, Samsung has always been one of the last manufacturers to roll out the Android updates on their devices. And it’s no different with Android Pie. We have already let you know what the new operating system can do, in our blog post Android P.

Now it is clear : You won’t get the update before January 2019. The only certainty so far is that the Galaxy 9 models will get the new operating system. The Galaxy S8, however, may not be so lucky just yet. The Note 8 will still get the update to Android 9 Pie. But the only question is: When?

Samsung Android Pie

The Samsung Galaxy 9 gets Android Pie, but Samsung Themes are limited. Photo: Screenshot Samsung

Samsung Themes on Android Pie?

Currently you can download various themes via Samsung and thus completely change the look of your mobile phone.This is a big advantage over Apple, because with an iPhone, you are completely beholden to the developer’s taste.

That’s different with Samsung. Whether it’s free widgets, icon packs or themes – you can set up and optically customise your smartphone to your own taste. But this is not so with Android 9 Pie. Samsung themes will then be limited.

Android 9 Pie without Samsung Themes

With the update to Android 9 Pie, the Samsung themes are still free – but they will be limited. If you could download it beforehand and permanently customise your smartphone to your liking, there is the possibility under Android 9 that this will be only for a certain period of time.

According to information from Phonearena  it should be for a duration of 14 days. After this, the Galaxy smartphone automatically switches to the default theme again.

Paid Samsung Themes on Android Pie

After all, Samsung does not want to completely scare you and sends two notifications before your Samsung theme is removed. One day before the end and 10 minutes before switching to the standard theme. Unfortunately you can not prevent the conversion. Even a manual delay is not provided. But along with the notification you will get suggestions on alternative themes.

Nevertheless, it seems that Samsung wants to promote the sale of paid Samsung themes, since only the free themes are affected. You can learn how to get Themes on your Smartphone on the  Samsung pages. How do you like the change? Are you affected because you have one of the smartphones that get Android Pie? Or you do not care, because you do not personalise your smartphone anyway? Let us know in our comments.

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