Optical mouse for hardcore gamers

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Optical mouse for hardcore gamers

Select which backlight you like

Have you been looking for a new mouse, for your gaming ? Most importantly it must be a good one. The optical mouse from Modecom could be just right for you. It offers many extras and is perfect for long gaming sessions.

What distinguishes this mouse from the others, what it can do and why it is perfect for gamers, you will learn with us.

Optical mouse from Modecom for gamers

The optical mouse from Modecom is ideal for gamers. The Volcano GMX5 Beast contains among other things the optical chipset PMW 3360. In addition, you can configure the mouse thanks to numerous functions completely to your taste. For example, you can reduce the weight of the mouse by a total of 20 grams because the mouse is equipped with a weight system. This means you can take out a maximum of eight weights of 2.5 grams each. You can also determine the optical parameters as well as the key functions.

In addition, the optical mouse from Modecom is also an ergonomic mouse. The rubber sides increase the ease of use and at the same time protect the wrists when you sit for hours on the computer. Modecom calls the mouse an “ideal weapon of virtual entertainment”.

Remove weights if you need to

Eight weights, each 2.5 grams heavy, you can remove any number from the mouse to make it lighter. Photo: Modecom / Assembly

What are the main features of the optical mouse?

The optical mouse from Modecom can do a lot. Here are the main features of the gaming mouse:

  • Sensor PixArt 3360
  • ten programmable buttons
  • Driver with macro support
  • 180 cm long, braided cable
  • Omron switch for long life and reliability
  • large resolution range from 50 to 12000 DPI
  • adjustable weight – eight weights each weighing 2.5 grams
  • LED backlight – selectable from over 16 million colors.

Properties of the optical mouse

The optical mouse from Modecom is appropriately named Volcano GMX5 Beast. The many individual setting options mean that you can play and control your characters even better.

You don’t have to worry about your mouse failing because it is connected to your computer via a braided cable that is just under two meters long. So you don’t need batteries, and this means that there will be no downtime during a thrilling virtual battle.

Another advantage is that you can assign ten keys according to your preferences. So this could be dodging, crouching, jumping, running, kicking, shooting, etc etc. – your characters can be brought to action in just one click. You can simplify your game enormously.

Colourful backlight thanks to LED lights

The optical mouse from Modecom is equipped with an LED backlight. The included software allows you to select the backlight from over 16 million colours. For this you have an RGB colour chart available. The software has an intuitive user interface so you can easily assign different functions to the keys, set operating parameters and change the background colour.

Polish company Modecom has posted a video on their Volcano GMX5 Beast on YouTube. Here you can get an idea of what it can do :

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