Fraud through Apple apps

Fraud through Apple apps

Fitness apps overcome security control

Beware of being scammed: Fraudulent Apple apps have appeared in the Apple App Store. Two fitness apps have cheated their way through all Apple’s security checks and already cost users a lot of money.

We’ll tell you which fraudulent apps they are and how they can get dangerous for you.

Apple apps could mean fraud

Fitness apps are very popular. There are now a vast amount of apps that care about your health and fitness. However, fitness apps camouflaged in the App Store have now surfaced. They abuse Apple’s Touch ID to steal money from users. The affected apps can be downloaded for free from the App Store, but once you have a fingerprint scanned for fitness, you activate the payment mechanism.

The “Fitness Balance App” and “Calories Tracker App” make it seem as if they want to accompany you on your way to a healthier life. The apps can calculate your BMI, total up the daily calorie intake, or remind you to drink enough water.

Apple apps fraud starts when you do a fingerprint scan. . Photo: Screenshot

Fraudulent Apple apps – how do they work?

If you download one of the two fraudulent Apple apps onto your iPhone, the apps will prompt you to carry out a fingerprint scan. This is intended to show you “personalised calorie trackers and diet recommendations.” But once you have scanned your fingerprint, a pop-up window will appear with a dubious payment request. The amount you have to pay varies from  $99.99 to $119.99, or $139.99, depending on the region.

The danger now is that the money will be debited immediately if you have a credit or debit card connected to your Apple account. Then the transaction is verified by the finger scan and the money goes to the fraudsters. Probably the same developers are behind both apps, because the Apple apps are very similar on the surface. On Reddit, users shared videos about Fitness Balance App  and Calories Tracker App .

Can you avoid the finger scan?

If you try to avoid using the fingerprint scan, another pop-up will appear. It asks you to pay again with a “Continue” button. If you want to use these Apple apps for your fitness, you have to pay.

Amazingly, both apps have positive, including several 5-star ratings. However, these can only be fake reviews, which are a great way for scam app developers to push their applications forward.

For Apple apps, you have to trust Apple

The problem with Apple apps is always that Apple does not allow security products in the App Store. So you have to rely on Apple’s security. In any case, it is essential to read the reviews.

For iPhone X owners, there is the “Double Click to Pay” feature for extra protection. If you have activated it, you have to double-click the side button to confirm a payment. Anyone who has fallen for the fraud can apply for a refund from Apple. Incidentally, the fraudulent fitness apps have since been removed from the App Store.

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