Google Allo is being discontinued

Google Allo is being discontinued

Google will use Android Messages in the future

Following in the footsteps of Google Inbox, Google Reader and many other applications, the latest app experiment has been consigned to the Google Cemetery: Google has announced that the chat app Google Allo will be shut down in March 2019.

Read on to find out what you need to look out for and what Google now have to offer in terms of messaging.

Allo, Goodbye – after only two years

It is only two years old and Google’s chat app Google Allo is being discontinued. Allo was first introduced at the Google Keynote in 2016  together with the video telephony app Duo. Originally Allo and Duo were supposed to be alternatives to the Facebook apps. These are WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime. But the success did not come. Allo could not prevail against WhatsApp and its most common alternatives.

Unsurprisingly in the spring of 2018, Google announced that they were stopping the further development of the chat app. The focus since then has been on the development of Android Messages – a new SMS app for Android devices. This will not change in the future, because now Google has announced the final end for Allo . And so the chat app will join other prominent Google experiments such as Google Glass, Google Reader and Google Inbox in  the “Google Cemetery” .

Google Allo discontinued

After just two years, Google discontinues its Allo chat app. (Image:

End of Google Allo is coming in March 2019

With Google Allo, Duo, Hangouts Chat, Hangouts Meets, and Messages, Google’s offering of chat apps is not only extraordinarily large, but also confusing. Google had already reduced its messaging offer in 2017 with the discontinuation of Google Talk.

It’s not all that surprising that Google Allo is the next chat app to kick the bucket.  Especially if you look at the user numbers of Allo compared to competing apps like WhatsApp. Allo should be available until March 2019, according to Google’s announcement blog post . Users of the app can secure their chat history by then. Google describes how this works on its support pages .

Bye, Google Allo – Hello, Messages

What’s going on after Google Allo discontinued Google messaging? It seems as if  the focus is on the further development of Android Messages. Matt Klainer says in the Google blog: “We want every single Android device to automatically have a great messaging experience.”  Meanwhile, says Klainer, over 40 smartphone manufacturers and mobile service providers support messages. In addition, more than 175 million users use the messaging app for Android devices every month.

In June 2018 Google had already integrated some features of Google Allo into messages. This includes in particular Allos Smart Reply feature as well as GIFs and desktop support. However, other allo-features may also be integrated into messages. Many of the features, such as the Google Assistant, are AI-based and therefore likely to play an important role in chat apps in the future.

Google Hangouts for all

In addition to messages, the video chat app Duo, Hangout Meet and Hangout Chat are also available. The latter are mainly used in the communication of companies, but will be made available to all other Hangouts users in the future, said Klainer.

One thing is for sure: Google’s range of chat apps will not be smaller in the future either. If you need help installing software or setting up your Android smartphone or tablet PC , come to your local TrustATec partner and get some professional advice.


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