Apple iTunes update stopped

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Apple iTunes update stopped

Safari browser crashes

Have you been waiting for the Apple iTunes update? Then unfortunately, you will have to wait even longer because Apple has stopped the update. 

Find out why this is, with us.

Apple iTunes update stopped

Apple actually wanted to roll out the Apple iTunes update 12.8.1 now. Although the update was initially started, Apple has had to stop the media software update and you can no longer download the update that was available. The reason for this is problems with the Safari browser. Accordingly, users have reported that they could not open the browser after downloading. When trying to open the browser, it crashed immediately.

Update loaded? Do not start installation!

If you have already downloaded the Apple iTunes update to your smartphone, then the installation will not start. It is best to wait until Apple has worked on the update and it has no issues.

However, if you have already installed the update, the next time you start Safari, you will see the browser crash. To fix the bug, you need to reinstall Safari. But: Reinstalling the Safari browser requires reinstalling the operating system. Apple describes how this works on its support pages .

Apple has stopped the iTunes update because it causes the Safari browser to crash. Photo: Pixabay

Apple has stopped the iTunes update because it causes the Safari browser to crash. Photo: Pixabay

Apple iTunes Update should fix playback issues

The Apple iTunes update to 12.8.1 should help to eliminate issues with playing iTunes content over third-party AirPlay speakers, as well as improving performance. So far, the problem only seems to happen in conjunction with OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite.

The update is intended only for macOS up to version 10.13 High Sierra. The current version of the Safari browser offers Apple up to macOS 10.12 Sierra. Older versions of the operating system aren’t receiving browser or other security updates from the manufacturer any longer.

Apple is silent about problems

Apple has been silent about the problems surrounding the Apple iTunes update so far. So it remains to be seen when iTunes 12.8.1 will appear. Meanwhile, developers speculate what could be the trigger for the Safari browser crashing. It is suspected that iTunes 12.8.1 will bring the MobileDevice.framework component to a version that is incompatible with the older version of Safari. It isn’t known when Apple will tackle the problem.

What are your experiences with the update? Did you install it or were you warned in time? Let us know in our comments. By the way: If you need help with both initial setup then visit your local TrustATec expert.

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