YouTube Error 400 YouTube is not working?

YouTube Error 400 YouTube is not working?

You can fix it

You like to watch a few YouTube videos in the evening to relax. But the only thing you see is the Error 400 YouTube error, on every page you try to look at.

We’ll clarify what this YouTube bug is about and what you can do about it.

YouTube bug 

YouTube has been around since 2005 and has been part of Google since 2006. To date, YouTube is the largest platform for video, and now there is even a special subscription model with YouTube Premium , where you can expand your video enjoyment with additional offers.

On YouTube you can now find almost any type of video. It’s no wonder that YouTube is one of the most used websites and apps. Every day over five billion videos are watched there every single day.

Usually, YouTube is very reliable. It is all the more annoying when suddenly only an error message appears, as soon as you try to log on to the video platform. More specifically, you receive an Error 400, a bad request that prevents you from reaching the YouTube page. But where does this YouTube error come from?

Error 400: If you see such an error page, for example, you can no longer visit YouTube pages. (Picture: screenshot)

Error 400: If you see such an error page, for example, you can no longer visit YouTube pages. (Picture: screenshot)

Where does the YouTube Error 400 come from?

So that the connection to a website can be established on the Internet, there is always a request to the associated server. If a problem occurs, you receive an error message as a website visitor. You can find out waht the error is by checking these HTTP status codes.  We have introduced you to some of the common HTTP error messages in the Error 404 guide .

The Error 400 is also known as Bad Request. The exact error message for this YouTube issue is “400. That’s an error. Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request.

Basically, the error code only means that there is a problem in the HTTP protocol. But from this message you can already see that there can be various causes for the YouTube issue. Incidentally, the problem occurs particularly often in Google Chrome, although it does sometimes occur in others too. .

This is how you fix the YouTube error Error 400

If you get a regular Error 400 when logging onto YouTube, you can try different options to solve the problem. So you can try to clear the entire cache of your browser.

This is possible via the browser settings. In Chrome, you call chrome: // settings and then select “delete browser data” under the advanced settings. The important thing is that you really delete all data.

Delete YouTube cookies

However, most of the time the YouTube problem is in the cookies for the YouTube website. In general, it is therefore necessary to delete the YouTube cookies in the browser settings.

In Chrome go back to chrome: // settings and select under the advanced settings the menu item “Content Settings”. Navigate there first to “Cookies” and then to “Show all cookies and website data”.

Here you can now search for all cookies that are set for YouTube in your browser and delete them individually. Afterwards you restart your browser. Now the YouTube bug should be fixed.

YouTube error keeps coming – you can fix it

If the YouTube issue persists even after cookies and cache have been deleted, it could be due to a different computer problem. Therefore, first check if you can access YouTube with another browser. Even if YouTube does not work in Chrome, you can usually visit the page with an alternative browser like Firefox.

In addition, if you experience problems with your internet connection or device, then come to your local TrustATec partner. Our technical experts will gladly advise you on all questions concerning computer problems and put your device through its paces with the system check for PC and notebook .

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