Google searches 2018

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Google searches 2018

What was the most searched term in 2018?

The Football World Cup, Meghan Markle and Black Panther – at first glance, these don’t have much in common. But upon further investigation, they are the most popular Google searches 2018: As recently published by Google. 

Find out with us, what Google users were looking for the most often in 2018 and which headlines were among the top search terms of the year.

Google Searches 2018 – The World Cup takes the lead

Every year in December, Google publishes the most used search terms of the year. The Google searches 2018 publication shows which search terms have seen the largest increase over the same period since last year.

The World Cup is top of the general search terms in the UK this year. This follows a trend, as Euro2016 was the top search of 2016. It seems that whenever there is an important tournament on that year, the searches are immense.

Google searches 2018

What were the most used search terms 2018? Google’s annual review provides information. (Image: Google / Screenshot)

The most searched headlines in 2018

In addition to the general search terms, the Google Year Review also shows the most searched news events, movies, and deaths For news events, the search for  Royal Wedding topped the charts in Google searches. Followed by Royal Baby: so it seems that we are a nation of Royalists. The most searched for Movies were The Black Panther, followed by A Star Is Born..

Google searches: The most common questions we asked

Finally, Google also breaks down the most sought-after questions we ask In the “what” questions, that we were searching to find out ‘what is a bitcoin’ and ‘what is GDPR, quite serious topics. 

The top ‘how to’ questions were ‘how to watch Fury Vs Wilder’ and ‘how to Floss Dance !

Finally, the most commonly searched ‘People’, according to Google in its annual review 2018 were Meghan Markle, Roxanne Pallett, Demi Lovato and Ant McPartlin – a strange mix!

If you want to read the individual top Google search queries of the year in more detail, you will find it on the Google Trends page. In addition, Google has published a short video on the world’s most popular requests.

What do you think of the Google search queries that ended up in first place in 2018? Did you search for the terms yourself? Or would you have expected other headliners as top search terms? Let us know in our comments.


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