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After Insta hack

How to recover your account

Are you one of the unfortunate people who have had their Instagram account hacked? There is always great panic after an Insta hack. Are you still wondering how to get your account back?

We’ll explain what you need to do to restore your account.

What is the cause of the Insta Hack?

How criminals access Instagram accounts is not clear. It was probably a bug that made personal information from six million Instagram accounts accessible to hackers. What is certain is that badly protected accounts make it easy for cybercriminals to commit an Insta hack. As a result, your Instagram account is hacked. This has happened a lot lately, as you will read in our blog.

You can find out which passwords are particularly popular, but unfortunately also very insecure, in our article about the best password list. Our password security guide explains how to create good passwords. And why a password manager makes sense is explained in our guide Manage passwords.


The help pages on Instagram will help you if your Instagram account has been hacked. Photo: Screenshot

Avoid insta-hack, protect social media accounts

You will need to use secure passwords to avoid becoming the victim of scammers hacking your accounts. They must be unique and should be changed regularly. In addition, two-factor authentication protects. Not only the password is sufficient for logging in. Instead, you will need to enter a code that will be sent to another device. However, it is important that you use a second device for two-factor authentication (2FA). Otherwise the additional security code makes no sense.

To activate the 2FA for Instagram, you have to go to the settings under “Privacy and Security” and select “Two-level Authentication”. Then follow the instructions. If you select SMS, you will have to enter your mobile phone number. After activation you will receive an access code via SMS.

However, there is an even more secure option, an authentication app. The security codes are generated in a special app linked to the device, such as Google Authenticator or Authy. You will receive additional backup codes so that you can access your account in an emergency. It is essential that you keep them safe.

Hacked Instagram account – what now?

As soon as you notice that hackers have taken over your Instagram account, you need to act quickly. If the hackers change your password or email address, you will lose access to your account. Fortunately, Instagram has set up a security level.

Instagram will notify you of any changes by email. Included is the “Undo this change” link – you should be able to access your account again. Important: Be sure to change your password and enable two-factor authentication.

If you haven’t received a password and/or email change message, be sure to check your spam folder. If you don’t find anything there, hackers may have access to your email account. So first change the credentials here and then contact Instagram support.

Do not create a new account

One thing you shouldn’t do if you had an Insta hack: Under no circumstances should you create a new account with the same phone and email data. If you do, Instagram’s automated support will only apply to the new account.

Did you manage to get your Instagram account back this way? Let us know in our comments. Need help setting up your new smartphone? Or is your phone broken? Come to your local TrustATec partner. Our technicians will advise you on our mobile phone services such as display protection, data recovery, ready to go service or smartphone repair.


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