CES 2019 – Part 1

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CES 2019 – Part 1

Robots, self-driving cars and new technology gadgets

The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES for short, traditionally takes place in Las Vegas at the beginning of January. As usual, there are numerous manufacturers of PCs, Smartphones etc. who have also presented new technology trends at CES 2019.

We have summarised the main highlights of the technology fair and can reveal which technology gadgets you can look forward to. 

CES 2019 – these are the new technology trends

While CES 2018 focused on language assistants and smart home appliances, the main stage of the technology show this year focused on artificial intelligence, self-driving cars and new robots. But there were also all sorts of technology trends that will be available for the average user in the course of the year.

A central theme of this year’s technology fair, which took place in Las Vegas from 8 to 11 January 2019, was artificial intelligence. AI is found in more and more areas and will continue to play an important role in new technologies and technology gadgets in the future. All kinds of devices now use artificial intelligence, ranging from smartphones and smart TVs to drones and self-propelled cars. And of course, the robots from LG and Samsung presented at CES 2019 all work using artificial intelligence.

Self-driving cars and car-sharing are just two of the key future trends presented at CES 2019. (Image: pixabay.com/SplitShire)

Self-driving cars and car-sharing are just two of the key future trends presented at CES 2019. (Image: pixabay.com/SplitShire)

Self-driving cars and mobility at CES 2019

Not since Tesla introduced the first self-driving cars, have smart cars have become one of the most important future trends. There is still much discussion about the safety and practicability of self-driving cars on the road. Nevertheless, at CES 2019, many car manufacturers once again showed what driving and the mobility of the future can look like.

DPA International comment on the cars of the future: “The focus is less on the self-driving cars themselves, but on ways and means to make driving a fun experience for all. These new vehicles, battery powered, of course, will cruise autonomously through cities, be ordered by app, and automatically plan their routes in such a way that as many people get to their destinations as quickly as possible.” For some time now, tablets are no longer the only thing children do on long journeys, but rather mature virtual reality entertainment systems.

Entertainment experience comes to the fore

The recognition of the needs of the occupants and the automatic adjustment of temperature, lighting or equipment of the vehicle also plays an increasingly important role. This is not surprising, according to the unanimous opinion of the experts. The reason for this is that sooner or later self-propelled cars will be the new standard, which will make the driving experience of a new car less important.

This is also underlined by another mobility trend, namely car sharing and ride sharing. This was also a topic at CES 2019, because various suppliers such as Continental and ZF presented Robo-Shuttles that drive autonomously and can be ordered via app.

In a keynote, LG introduced new service robots at CES 2019. (Photo: CES)

In a keynote, LG introduced new service robots at CES 2019. (Photo: CES)

Samsung and LG introduce new robots at CES 2019

Whether it’s smartphones, televisions or self-propelled cars, artificial intelligence is now found in almost every technical device. AI-controlled robots are also becoming increasingly important as a result.

At CES 2019, Samsung presented not only new laptops but also smart household appliances and its latest smart TV models. With Samsung Bot Care, Samsung Bot Air, Samsung Bot Retail and Samsung GEMS: Samsung presented an AI-based robot platform that can take care of health, the indoor climate and other activities in everyday life.

LG also presented new service robots and new versions of its CLOi service robots at this year’s Technology Fair. According to a report by What HIfi  these will soon be commercially available.

What do you think of the new technology trends? Are you eagerly awaiting self-propelled cars and affordable home service robots, or are you sceptical about the new technology? Let us know in our comments.


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