Technology Fair CES – Part 2

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Technology Fair CES – Part 2

Samsung Smart TVs, Virtual Reality & Gaming Devices

New Samsung smart TVs, new virtual reality goggles, selfie drones and many other technology gadgets were the focus of attention at the CES technology fair in Las Vegas. But what are the most exciting technology trends?

We have summarised them for you and will explain what the tops and flops of the CES 2019 were.

New trends at the technology fair CES

The CES technology fair takes place in Las Vegas every year at the beginning of January. Yesterday we told you in our blog about technology trends such as service robots or self-driving cars. Today we take care of what has been touted as an interesting technology gadget for the Average Joe user at CES 2019. These include, for example, new smart TVs from Samsung, new gaming PCs and smartphones and some innovations in virtual reality.

The presentation of the new Samsung Smart TVs at the CES technology trade fair was particularly eagerly awaited. (Photo: CES)

The presentation of the new Samsung Smart TVs at the CES technology trade fair was particularly eagerly awaited. (Photo: CES)

Technology Fair CES: New Smart TVs from Samsung and LG

For years, new smart TVs have been the ultimate in technology trends. Unsurprisingly, the principle remains the same : the bigger, the better. This applies both to the actual device size and to the resolution.

With the QLED 8K Q900R, Samsung has introduced its first 8K smart TV, which, according to the manufacturer, “redefines what TV means”. With over 33 million pixels, the device delivers razor-sharp images, even on oversized displays. More information about the new 8K-QLED smart TV from Samsung can be found on the product page .

iTunes content on Samsung Smart TVs in the future

Apple made another interesting announcement regarding Samsung smart TV in the run-up to CES 2019, announcing that iTunes content would also be available directly on smart TVs like Samsung’s in the future. Previously, this required a detour via an Apple TV. Content from iPhones and other devices will also be able to be transmitted on smart TV sets via AirPlay 2 from spring 2019.

LG’s first roll-out Smart TV shown at technology trade fair

Electronics manufacturer LG also presented an innovative television model at CES 2019 – the first roll-up OLED television. The Signature OLED TV R comes with a 65-inch display that disappears into its corresponding base when switched off. This means that the roll-up TV can be placed virtually anywhere in the room.

When partially extended, it also serves as a display for music, clock display or as a smart home dashboard. Again, the product page on the operation of the new roll-up TV device information. Incidentally, there is not yet an official price for the LG Signature OLED TV R; however it is thought that that it won’t be cheap.

At CES 2019, HP unveiled a slew of new notebooks. (Image: HP / Screenshot)

At CES 2019, HP unveiled a slew of new notebooks. (Image: HP / Screenshot)

New gaming devices presented at technology fair CES

At the CES 2019, manufacturers also presented all kinds of new gaming and gaming accessories. For example, Acer presented two new gaming laptops: the Acer Predator Triton 500 and the Acer Predator Triton 900. According to a report by Sascha Ostermeier, the focus of both devices is not only on a functional design but above all on the performance of the individual components.

HP also presented a number of new notebooks at the technology fair in Las Vegas. These include both business laptops and new Chromebooks. HP also presented the OMEN Obelisk Desktop, a high-performance gaming PC, and the Omen X Emperium, a matching gaming monitor.

New gaming smartphones at the technology fair CES

Smartphones also had some new models to watch at the CES technology fair this year. For example, Nubia has introduced the Red Magic Mars, the successor to the gaming smartphone Red Magic. he gaming mode of the device is intended to ensure that the performance of games is increased, but that the smartphone is also sufficiently cooled at all times. The Red Magic Mars will come to Europe in the first quarter of 2019.

Also from Nubia comes the Nubia X. It is 6.25-inch smartphone, which comes along without a front camera, but with a second display on the back. This means that the built-in main camera works well even with selfies. In addition, content selected from the rear screen can also be displayed on the front panel. Whether and when the Nubia X comes to Europe, but is not yet known.

Royole shows first foldable smartphone at CES 2019

At present, the main technology trend forecast for 2019 is foldable smartphones. Some manufacturers, including Samsung, are currently working on foldable mobile phones. At CES 2019, the Chinese manufacturer Royole presented the first foldable device, the Royole FlexPai. The foldable mobile phone comes with a 7.8 inch OLED display and its own Android 9.0-based operating system. The device can be used both folded and unfolded, as the display is on the outside when folded.

In comparison to the prototype that Royole had already shown in 2018, the foldable mobile phone now works quite well. However, there are still some things that could improve. Nevertheless, you can be curious about the future of foldable smartphones and whether they will really conquer the market soon.

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At the engineering fair CES, Royole has shown the first folding cell phone. (Picture: Royole)

At the engineering fair CES, Royole has shown the first folding cell phone. (Picture: Royole)

Technology Fair: Further technology trends

In addition to the technology trends discussed here, the device manufacturers have presented many other products at the CES 2019 technology trade fair. For example, there are new smart home components from Bosch or TP-Link.

In addition, HTC has introduced two new virtual reality goggles, the Vive Cosmos and the HTC Vive Pro Eye. And so HTC goes into competition with the various Windows Mixed Reality devices. In addition, there were many more novelties to marvel at at the technology fair.

What are your technology trends of the CES 2019? The foldable mobile  phone from Royole? The new gaming devices? Or rather the new smart TVs from Samsung or LG? Let us know in our comments.

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