Vidar and GandCrab in a double pack

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Vidar and GandCrab in a double pack

Malware captures data and destroys system

Have you ever had ransomware on your computer? Or a Trojan who wants to steal your personal information? Well now there are two in a double pack: Vidar and GandCrab.

We’ll tell you what damage they do together, and how you can protect yourself.

Vidar and GandCrab are doing something in common

We have previously reported about the blackmail Trojan Grandcrab. At first it was only aimed at companies, but then it changed and attacked private computers. The attack worked through security holes in the browser.

You need to be careful if you are using torrent and streaming sites, after being seduced by eye-catching advertising banners. This is because now there is a new threat in addition to Grandcrab – and its name is Vidar. The two malware programs are now both attacking in a very similar way.

Beware of Vidar and GandCrab. They act in a double pack. Photo: Pixabay

Beware of Vidar and GandCrab. They act in a double pack. Photo: Pixabay

Security researchers report on infection route

The security researchers from Malwarebytes have reported on Vidar and GandCrab. The ads referring to torrent and streaming sites are dangerous. Many of these messages lead to manipulated pages with different ‘exploit kits’. These then in turn smuggle various malware onto your computer using drive-by infection. In order for this to work, the exploit kits exploit vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer and Flash Player . Vidar and GandCrab are currently being distributed in this way.

What does the malware Vidar do?

In Nordic mythology, Vidar is the son of the god Odin and the giantess Grip. He has the nickname “The Silent One”. The name fits, because it acts quietly and secretly on your computer and is hard to identify.

This versatile Trojan can not only read documents and passwords. It also spies on your browser history and your emails. And it can also read data that is protected despite two-factor authentication. As an additional extra it attacks wallets, your digital purses.

So far, Vidar has been content with stealing the data. That’s not enough now, since he appears in a double pack with GandCrab.

What does the malware GandCrab do?

The blackmail Trojan GandCrab is used as soon as Vidar has finished its work. It encrypts all data so that you no longer have access to it.

The criminals behind the attack are constantly developing GandCrab to make it as hard as possible for antivirus programs. They probably focus on the captured data. GandCrab destroys the system to cover traces.

This means that you will be penalised twice in the event of an infection: First, your personal data will be stolen and then the computer will be encrypted.

How can you protect yourself from the double attack?

You can best protect yourself against nasty attacks by hackers by keeping an eye on the latest software and operating system. The current attack by Vidar and GandCrab is based on security holes that were closed last spring. If you missed the update of your software, you are vulnerable and at risk.

But for that – there is TrustATec. Our on-site technicians are there for you with our operating system installation and updates.. Another important thing to think about it always having current antivirus protection program.

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