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Unlock iPhone

Do you want to unlock your iPhone for all networks?

Have you ever wanted to unlock your iPhone so that you can use it on any network? Great idea, isn’t it? Some providers offering this service though, may not be all that they seem. 

Find out with us what that the catch is and why there are some providers that you should avoid under all circumstances.

Unlock iPhone?

Did you get your iPhone on a relatively cheap contract? It may be that the network provider has set up a SIM lock. This means that you can’t use your smartphone with another provider’s SIM card.  I you unlock this SIM lock, you unlock the iPhone.

If you are not tech-savvy, you may be looking for “iPhone Unlock” online, and you will soon come across the iPhoneimei.net page. This is a provider who will open your iPhone for all networks at a reasonable price – Allegedly!

Unlock iPhone

Homepage of iphoneimei.net. Photo: Screenshot

iPhone IMEI check included

According to this provider, it should be easy to unlock your iPhone. You click on “Unlock iPhone” and select your iPhone model. The next step is to select your network provider and enter your iPhone IMEI. If you don’t know the number, you can follow the instructions. Then finally you go to “Unlock now”.

But the iPhone won’t be unlocked, until you transfer money. But here is the sneaky bit : There is no option to pay by Paypal where you are covered by buyer protection.  Instead, there is only the option of paying by Visa or Mastercard.

Unlocking iPhone will not work

Once you’ve followed the instructions and transferred the money, you’ll have to wait to unlock your iPhone. Instead, you’ll be told to transfer more money. Some users have already paid well over a hundred US dollars for the service, but there was still no service.

If you visit review sites such as sitejabber or Trustpilot, you may think that they have good reviews, however there is a notification that pops up to say “ Sitejabber has been notified that this business has offered discounts, coupons or other incentives in exchange for reviews about this business. We wanted you to know because offering incentives has been shown to skew the overall ratings of a business. This behavior contravenes our guidelines as it might have a misleading impact on the rating and consumers.”  Very naughty behaviour from this company!! There are also many reviews greyed out on Trustpilot because people have been so angry that cannot hold their tongues. Trustpilot have also issued a warning about believing the reviews about PhoneIMEI.net.

unlock iphone

Trustpilot warn that the reviews may not be genuine

Excuses why unlocking your iPhone hasn’t worked

The operators of the site take your cash first, then come back to tell you why they cannot do the one thing that they are supposed to : unlock your iPhone. The explanations are, among other things, that your iPhone is on a blacklist, the IMEI is wrong or the smartphone is reported as stolen.

So your smartphone cannot be unlocked. You now realise that you have paid a lot of money – maybe £50 or more for this information. Which of course you won’t get back. After all, you have used the service. So what can you do? Leave it alone and face that you’ve been scammed, Or try and get legal advice? .

We warn against this provider

While it may sound tempting to unlock the SIM lock, you should take a close look at the website before placing an order. There are numerous inconsistencies on the homepage of the provider:

  • Information is missing – you can not determine who is behind the page.
  • Terms and privacy information is also not complete.
  • Contact options such as telephone and email are missing. There is only one contact form available.
  • If you enter the website in a search engine, you will find numerous negative reviews and experiences.

In addition, there are still different details on the website added: First the operators talk about the fact that there is a money back guarantee, elsewhere they stress that no refunds will be given.

Unlock iPhone – Help is available at Apple

Of course it’s annoying if your iPhone has is locked to a network. But to make sure you don’t throw your money away for something that you won’t get in the end, we have the ultimate tip for you: You can unlock the SIM Lock yourself!! All you have to do is contact your provider.  In the UK, according to Apple, – 3, EE O2 and Vodafone will unlock your phone if required – although there may be a small charge – But at least this way, you know that you’re not being scammed!

Once your provider has confirmed that the lock has been lifted, follow the instructions provided by Apple. Do you need help with unlocking your phone? Then come to your local TrustATec partner . With our smartphone repair our technical experts will be glad to help you. Read about other iPhone issues we have reported about previously here in our blog.

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