iOS 12.1.3 fixes many vulnerabilities

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iOS 12.1.3 fixes many vulnerabilities

New iOS update available

Have you updated your Apple devices to the latest operating system versions? No? Then you should do so as soon as possible. The newly released updates for iOS – iOS 12.1.3 – and Mac – macOS 10.14.3 have some important security updates. 

We will clarify which improvements the latest iOS version contains and why you should install the Apple updates urgently.

iOS 12.1.3 fixes known iPhone issues

It’s been around a month since the release of the last iOS update. In the meantime, the iOS developers have been busy working on the latest iOS version, iOS 12.1.3. The main focus is on numerous security updates that fix about 30 vulnerabilities on the iPad and iPhone.

In addition, the new operating system version brings some important bug fixes for Apple smartphones and tablets. The iOS update ensures that the connection with Apple CarPlay on the new iPhones XR, XS and XS Max is more stable and does not constantly break off. The update also fixes a problem with scrolling through photos in the detail view in the news as well as a problem with stripes in pictures.

On the iPad Pro 2018 , the latest iOS version ensures that external audio input devices can be used without any problems.

Update for the Apple HomePod

In addition, iOS 12.1.3 includes an extensive update to the Apple HomePod.  It fixes a problem that could cause the HomePod to restart. It also ensures that Siri always listens to your commands and no longer ignores commands and questions.

iOS 12.1.3 comes with many security updates and other fixes. (Image:

iOS 12.1.3 comes with many security updates and other fixes. (Image:

iOS 12.1.3 closes around 30 vulnerabilities

Even more important than the bug fixes, however, are the security updates that come with the latest iOS version. In total, the iOS update fixes about 30 vulnerabilities on the iPhone and iPad. These include security updates for critical vulnerabilities that allow attackers to execute arbitrary malicious code on your Apple device via apps. Attackers could then read protected memory data or obtain higher operating system rights. The update also closes a vulnerability in FaceTime that could also be used by hackers to introduce malicious code to your device.

Many of the vulnerabilities have been reported by Google employees. For more about the security updates in iOS 12.1.3, visit the Apple Support page. As always, the latest version of iOS is available in the settings of your iPhone or iPad. Alternatively, you can also update via iTunes. If you need help installing or setting up your Apple device , your local TrustATec partner will be happy to help .

Other Apple updates available

Beside iOS 12.1.3 also new versions for macOS, watchOS and tvOS appeared. There is also an update for the Apple Safari browser to version 12.0.3 and a security update for the Windows iCloud support. Again, Apple has prepared an extensive list of changes made on the support pages.


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