32-bit apps do not load

32-bit apps do not load

Changes for iPhone users with iOS 11

Apple is rolling out its new operating system iOS 11 this month. At the moment, the company based in Cupertino, California is widely promoting it. According to Apple, iOS is the “most advanced mobile operating system in the world”. However, over 150,000 32- bit apps on iOS will no longer work. The apps just will not load on your device.

All 32-bit apps are affected. Not good news for a new operating system when thousands of apps stop working. Read on to find out  what apps are affected, how many bits your apps have and what you have to consider.

32-bit apps no longer supported.

Your iPhone apps do not load anymore? This can be on the new iOS 11. It does not support 32-bit apps.

32-bit apps do not load

Have you noticed already? Some apps won’t load anymore. What does it mean for you when 32-bit apps do not load anymore? First of all, it means that you can no longer use these apps and have to look for alternatives in the App Store . Although you can benefit from many new features thanks to the new operating system, as you can learn in our blog WWDC 2017. At the same time, iOS 11 also means that a total of 187,000 apps will be unusable. 32-bit apps are not supported by iOS 11.

32-bit support drops away

Apple has great words about the new iOS 11 and writes on their page : “A giant step for iPhone. A monumental leap for iPad… iOS 11 sets new standards … It makes the iPhone even better. The iPad more versatile than ever before. And it now allows great augmented reality experiences in games and apps. With iOS 11, the iPhone and the iPad will be as powerful, personal and intelligent as ever. “However, gaming apps will be affected by the omission of 32-bit support because 40,000 game apps will no longer receive an update. Education and entertainment apps are also affected. Approximately every 10th app.

Do you have 32-bit apps on your iPhone?

You can easily test whether you have 32-bit apps on your smartphone: Go to the settings for your iPhone and choose “General” from the menu. Go to “Info” and then select “Apps”. Under the title “App compatibility” you will see those apps where updates will no longer be available after the update. For a long time Apple has pointed out to the developers the need for 64-bit. If the developers do not react, your only option is to look for an alternative app with the same or similar features. With around 2.4 million apps currently available in the App Store, this should be possible. In addition, Apple started about 1 year ago to remove apps that are no longer maintained from the App Store. If you have such apps on your iPhone, you can use them as usual as long as they are 64-bit

Who gets the iOS update?

The update to iOS 11 will presumably be free, like all previous versions. The oldest models for which iOS 11 will run are the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as well as the iPhone 5s and SE. Previously released devices, including the iPhone 5 series, the iPad 4 and the iPad mini 2 do not get the software update. The background is the setting of 32-bit support. For Apple, there has been a 64-bit requirement for software for two years – even when submitting updates – and they have warned about 32-bit apps since last year. For more information about this topic you will receive in Articles 32-bit apps will not launch , Still running an iPhone 5? , 32-Bit Apps No Longer Supported and Get your iPhone ready for iOS 11.

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