Android Marcher Trojan

Android Marcher Trojan

Another Banking Malware

The Android Marcher Trojan is a current danger for many smartphone users. If you think that your smartphone is safe, then you may be wrong. People need to be taking necessary actions to make sure that their smartphones are well protected against mobile phone viruses.

Banking apps are popular and widespread. You can quickly and conveniently check your account in a banking app. Not a problem, if you secure your smartphone well. If your mobile phone is not backed up, this can be real danger. Read on to find out what this Android malware can do.

Android Marcher Trojan steals your information

The Android Marcher Trojan attacks your Android and steals your bank details.

Android Marcher Trojan steals data

The Android Trojan  Marcher hides in popular apps or apps with adult content and goes unnoticed on your smartphone. The hackers have made it particularly difficult for users to avoid a download.

The Android malware can turn up in the form of an update for the Adobe Flash Player. The IT security company Zscaler has reports in a detailed article about it. The hackers pack the malware into normal-looking apps and after the download you not only have uploaded an update, but also with it, a virus onto your Android smartphone. The Trojan then reads login data on your mobile such as your account number and PIN. With this sensitive bank data, the hackers can log into your account and then carry out transactions in their favour. You only notice that a Trojan has been on your mobile phone when it is too late and the damage has been done. To warn as many people as possible, The Infosecurity group talks about the trojan which spreads on Android smartphones.

Protect your Smartphone from Trojans

But how can I protect myself from an Android smartphone Trojan? The Marcher Trojan is currently so well hidden that it can handle most antivirus apps. It is currently proving to be difficult to get active protection.

Marcher creates overlay

The malware hides in popular app downloads and creates an overlay on your mobile phone. Overlay means that an image is placed over an open banking page, which looks just like the banking app’s home page. If you now enter your account number and PIN, the fraudsters will get your data by clicking on the confirmation button. If your banking login page looks a bit odd then you should not continue with the app.

Marcher reads TAN

A transaction authentication number (TAN) is used by some online banking services as a form of single use one-time passwords to authorise financial transactions. TANs are a second layer of security above and beyond the traditional single-password authentication. For some apps, it is also possible to make transactions using TAN. The Android Marcher Trojan can also read these TAN numbers. It is safer to conduct your banking business from a computer with up-to-date antivirus software.

Android malware is particularly dangerous

We explain why Android malware can be especially dangerous in our articles about current dangers. There we report about the SpyDealer Trojan , and Fake Adobe Flash Player . What is important is that your phone is free of viruses and Trojans. Visit a TrustATec location near you. We will provide assistance and advice in our Security Check Consultation and virus removal for a fixed price.

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