Bookmarks on Twitter
Save Tweets with new bookmarks feature

Twitter has regained its importance since Donald Trump’s election as the president of the USA.  The US president likes to spread his opinion and often uses the social media platform, Twitter to do it. So that you don’t ever miss any of his ( and other important ) tweets ever again, there is now Twitter bookmarks.

With the new bookmarks feature, you can save tweets and read them later. Read on to find out how this works and what benefits it has.  (more…)

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WPA3 is coming
More WLAN security with WPA2 successor

The goal of WPA3 is to have more WLAN security when surfing the Internet.  The new security standard should bring improvements, especially in the areas of authentication and encryption.

Read on to find out what distinguishes the WPA2 successor from the rest and when you can actually benefit from it. (more…)

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Browser comparison
Which browser is the safest?

Phishing, spying, subscription traps, criminal adverts – if you’re on the internet, you have to avoid a lot of danger. Can browsers help you with this? Which browser is the safest? Our browser comparison will show you.

Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Opera? Find out which browser security is robust and which stands out due to security gaps with us. (more…)

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