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CES 2018

The highlights of the technology fair

Speaking ovens, smart refrigerators, new hard drives – that and much more were the topics at the CES 2018 Technology Fair this year.

Above all, CES 2018 has shown that digital language assistants will soon be everywhere. The technology fair took place in Las Vegas this month and inspired visitors with news from the Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality and much more. We’ll show you what new trends await you.

CES 2018 innovations

Digital language assistants such as Amazon Alexa were at the forefront of CES 2018.

CES 2018: Digital language assistants in the foreground

Digital language assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri or Google Assistant are no longer big news. We have reported in detail about the individual systems in our blog article Which language assistant is the best?  TV sets, Bluetooth speakers and other gadgets can be connected to language assistants. At the CES 2018, language assistance systems were still in the foreground. In fact, the enthusiasm for the digital helpers has gone so far that you have to ask yourself: What actually works today without a language assistant?

In particular, the focus was on the growing functionality of Alexa, Siri et al. For example, Alexa could be used in future in smart ovens, so that you can prepare your favourite meal by voice command. You still have to put the dish into the oven yourself, but you can issue your cooking time and oven temperature commands from the comfort of your chair via Alexa. Panasonic announced at the CES that it has already worked with Google on a new generation of car infotainment system. It is also working with Amazon to give Alexa in-car capabilities.

Digital speech assistant with display

The digital voice assistants are no longer limited to just the recognition of voice commands. The Amazon Echo (which is a variant) also has a display. And Samsung’s voice assistant Bixby and Google Assistant work on devices with displays – including, of course smartphones and TV sets.

Into the virtual world

We all dream of escaping the real world from time to time. Virtual Reality (VR) makes it possible, and again there were some novelties at CES 2018. For example, both HTC with the HTC Vive Pro and Lenovo with its VR headset Mirage Solo have introduced new virtual reality glasses. The topic of augmented reality (AR) also played a major role at the technology trade fair. The AR helmet manufacturer Skully, for example, introduced its new AR motorcycle helmet Fenix ​​AR. The helmet not only acts as a head protection, but also serves as a navigation device. It offers extensive view to the rear and allows music to be played by voice command.

By the way, Apple was rumoured to be at CES 2018, albeit without its own stand. The fact that Apple is working on its own AR or VR device is no longer a secret. The question is, when will Apple enter the ever increasing virtual reality market.

Fitness tracker and smartwatches at CES 2018

Fitness trackers are among the most popular gadgets and are becoming increasingly important for monitoring your own health. At the CES 2018, although not too many new devices were introduced, there was still some interesting news about them. Health is such a hot topic at the moment. It’s great that diet, weight and other health data can be monitored with smartwatches or fitness trackers. In the future, the diagnosis of diseases could also be added. At the CES 2018, for example, a smart thermometer was introduced. It monitors your child’s body temperature and sends an alarm to your smartphone if there is a fever.

IoT – News at CES 2018

The topic Internet of Things (IoT) is also a big one. More and more household appliances can be linked to the Internet so that you can control lighting or heating via your smartphone. Also you could be alerted when the litter box needs changing, for example. Yes, this novelty was also presented at the CES 2018! In addition, there are many more things that will make your everyday life easier. These include new smart surveillance cameras or better lighting options.

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