Password Check your email account

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Password Check your email account

Protection against hacker attacks

If you carry out a regular password check for your online accounts, you may give little thought to whether your email account is being hacked. You may wonder if your email account has been part of a hacker attack in the past. There are things you can do to ensure your password security has not been compromised. Read on to learn more.

Data theft on the Internet is a lucrative business for hackers. They capture information to gain access to your online banking or Paypal account and can capture large amounts of money in a matter of seconds. What would you do if this happened?

Carry out a password check

Passwords are stolen when email and other accounts are hacked

Hacked email account? Password check for pre-emptive protection

If your email has been hacked, the hacker can tap all sorts of data or view private messages. You should ensure that your email password should be difficult to crack, but also change it on a regular basis. You can usually see the password strength when you enter a new password in the space provided. Many websites specify a certain level of security and demand a minimum number of characters. Usually this is a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. The longer the password, the more difficult it is to access. You can use a combination of letters and special characters, these passwords can be very difficult to remember. A good example of a hard to guess but easy to remember password would be: ThisisMy£passwoRdfor26natwEst – notice the insertion of a random number and also the odd capital letter.

Prevent hacker attack: check e-mail account and carry out a password check

If you have already been a victim you should change the passwords of your various accounts immediately. The hacker could try to use the password to hack your other accounts. To prevent this from happening, carry out a review of the email addresses that you use. You can review your own email address used on the website ‘Have I been pwned’.  Here you can enter more that one email address and it will advise you if your accounts have ever  been compromised in a data breach. If your e-mail address has been hacked, the user will be indicated in red. It also shows where there have been official data security leaks such as Adobe in 2013 and Paddy Power in 2010. In our blog Online Banking Security we have advised how to ensure you are protected sufficiently when you are banking online.

Keep Safe

In summary the more often you change your password, the safer you will be. Use complicated strings of letters, numbers and symbols which will give a higher level of security. Ensure you have an appropriate Security Check Consultation with your local TrustATec technician if you are concerned about your devices.


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