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Secure your iPhone

Ensure iPhone updates always install

If you want to secure your iPhone, you should use the iCloud lock. There are always new updates being released for the iPhone and also for it’s security functions. Just recently, another leak had to be plugged again.

Many iPhone users store their data in the iCloud. There was recently another leak that Apple quickly fixed with an update. Fraudsters were able to access your iCloud until the fix was put in place.. With the iOS 10.3 and macOS Sierra 10.12.4 update the leak was eliminated. Apple published an official announcement on its own website. The iCloud lock is an effective protection against foreign access to your data.

Secure your iPhone

Here you can see the iCloud settings, where you can secure your iPhone.

Secure your iPhone with iCloud lock

With the iCloud lock you can make your iPhone safe. In the iPhone setup, you are automatically routed to log into the iCloud. The iCloud is not only used to make the iPhone secure, but also for storing an iPhone backup. Different apps also access the iCloud. For example, you can save your WhatsApp information and restore the WhatsApp backup during a reboot or if you get a new iPhone. In addition, you can use the helpful function ‘Find My iPhone’ to search your iPhone’s  location. This is particularly helpful if your phone has been lost or stolen.

ICloud lock and iPhone lock code

The iCloud lock has nothing to do with the lock screen or the screen lock. In order to lock your screen, you use your fingerprint in conjunction with a security code. An iCloud lock without a password prevents the iPhone from being re-set if you bought it second-hand. You must remember to remove the iCloud lock if you want to sell the iPhone. You can find information on this in the iPhone’s guide . The security code for the lock screen, including fingerprint lock, can be cleared and bypassed. However, the iCloud lock can not be deleted and bypassed unless it is actioned by the person who set it up.


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