Unlock Samsung phone

Unlock Samsung phone

Palm reader is new Samsung patent.

Is your phone display protected with a display lock? Whether classic pin, swiping pattern, fingerprint scan or face recognition. With these locks you can protect your smartphone depending on the model. Now the Samsung mobile phone reads your palm to unlock the device with its palm reader.

This would suggest a new Samsung patent. Read on to find out more information and how the palm reader works.

Palm reader is the new way to unlock your mobile

Could your Samsung phone be unlocked with a palm reader in the future? Photo: Samsung

Samsung mobile phone unlock with palm reader

While Apple’s iPhone X fully relies on Face ID, Samsung will follow other methods in the future. The Korean company have found a new way to unlock the Samsung mobile phones with their new palm reader. The new Samsung patent application would make you think so anyway. The photos in the document seem to be clear: Samsung wants to set itself apart with a new kind of mobile phone, making it significantly different from the competition.

Unlock Samsung mobile – how does it work?

But how will the hand-held scanner work? How can you unlock your Samsung phone?

To unlock your phone, you first first photograph your palm. The snapped photo is then compared with already stored data. If the palm details stored on the smartphone match the freshly photographed ones, your identity is confirmed. You will have seen this sort of scenario in thrillers, where doors are unlocked by placing the palm of the hand on a reader. With the new Samsung patent, your smartphone becomes a reader.

However, you cannot unlock your Samsung phone with the palm reader alone. And now it gets a bit complicated: If your mobile phone has been confirmed by the palm reader, letters and numbers will appear on the photo, telling you the password. Only you should be able to see the password on the display. It remains to be seen though, how this is implemented.

Is a foldable phone on the horizon?

So, soon there will be six instead of the previous five ways to unlock your smartphone for new Samsung models. Whether it is iris scan or fingerprint, facial recognition, swiping a pattern or just the classic pin – with the palm reader they have added a new method. But when? That is still not clear.

There are more rumours floating about, that Samsung is planning a foldable phone. This type of mobile could distinguish itself clearly from its competitor Apple. However the Korean company have not been particularly resourceful with the name. The next Samsung will receive the name Samsung X and it sounds very similar to  iPhone X . The new Samsung could come to the market in early 2018. Supposedly with a five-inch folding display with 4K resolution. Unfolded, the smartphone is to become a seven-inch tablet.

How do you like the idea of the palm reader? And what do you think about a foldable mobile phone ? Let us know in our comments.

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