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VLC 3.0 Media Player

VLC update finally brings streaming to Chromecast

You have had to wait almost three years for the next big update for the VLC Media Player. Now VLC 3.0 is available and offers some exciting new features – including support for 360 ° videos.

You will find out what else the VLC  update has in store if you read on.

VLC 3.0

VLC 3.0 brings many new features – including streaming on Chromecast and support for 360 ° videos (Source: pixabay.com)

VLC 3.0 brings many new features

As an alternative to Windows Media Player or QuickTime, the VLC Media Player has long made a name for itself. The special advantage of the VLC player is its support for all types of video and audio formats.

In contrast to the Windows or Mac-specific media players, you can also use other formats such as .avi, .mkv or .flv with the VLC Media Player. This makes it suitable for playing videos as well as for listening to music – on a PC, notebook or smartphone. In addition, files can be converted to normal MP3 or .wmv files. With VLC 3.0, the third major version of the VLC Media Player is now available for you. Three years of development time has been spent by the developers of the media player, but these have paid off. VLC 3.0 brings many new features with you. We’ll take a closer look at that below.

VLC 3.0 offers streaming on Chromecast

It’s the most requested VLC feature of recent years: the ability to stream videos to the Chromecast through VLC Player. VLC 3.0 finally makes that possible. If a connected Chromecast is recognised by the VLC Player, you can send video or audio files directly to it and watch or listen to it on the TV. The developers explain this in this blog post  about the release of the new version.

It is important to know, however, that streaming is at the expense of the computing and battery power of your device. In addition, streaming from VLC Media Player to Google Chromecast is still in the development stage. It may be that the whole thing does not always work without problems.

VLC 3.0: Support for 360 ° videos and other new features

While the release of the new version of the VLC Media Player focuses on support for streaming on the Chromecast. Nevertheless, VLC 3.0 has many more exciting new features for you. The new version of the VLC player also supports reading from various network drives, including SMB, FTP or NFS.

In addition, you can now watch 360 ° video s as well as HDR videos via the VLC player. Likewise, thanks to built-in hardware acceleration, VLC 3.0 offers the option of playing 4K and 8K videos virtually smoothly. Now here follows a “but”, because it will only work on devices that already have enough computing power.

VLC 3.0 – a media player for all devices

The developers emphasise.that VLC 3.0 is a media player for almost all devices. So the new version is the first synchronised release between the desktop and mobile version. In other words, regardless of whether you use VLC 3.0 on your Windows machine, Macbook, iPhone or Android device, your VLC version always has the version number 3.0. The update should be automatically rolled out to you in the next few days, alternatively, you can also download the new version on the product page for your devices.

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