PC Power Supply Replacement

Do you need a new PC power supply unit (PSU) in order to improve performance or to consume less power? We offer comprehensive advice and perform the replacement of the computer power supply.

Our Service

£ 35
For a fixed price*
  • We look for the right power supply
  • We install it in your system
  • We perform a functional test to ensure all is working correctly

A perfect service from TrustATec

You are wondering why a power supply change is necessary? An AC adapter is a stand-alone device for the power supply of your computer and has a huge impact on its performance. Therefore, a faulty power supply is one of the most common causes of failure in computers and PCs. There are other good reasons to replace the power supply, better components and significantly lower power consumption.

More power for your PC? Replace the power supply now!

We at TrustATec replace the power supply of your PC quickly and professionally. We begin by examining your computer and taking a note of the make, model and serial number. We measure the length of your current cable in order to recommend a suitable replacement PSU to correspond with your equipment requirements. We will then examine all the connectors of the old power supply to determine how many pin connectors there are for the CPU power supply, the motherboard and the connector for all existing drives, chassis fan and the graphic card. Then we remove the mounting screws on the housing of your computer and disconnect the old power supply. Depending on the model, we temporarily install the CPU fan or the entire motherboard as needed. To install the new power supply, we connect the motherboard and the other components again with the corresponding connections and check the positioning of the cables. Finally, we install the new power supply into your system and perform a functionality test. Whether in our service workshop, at your home or by phone: We fix the problem quickly and easily for you.

Perfect service is our mission

Professional IT services at attractive fixed prices: Our network of locations throughout the UK offers professional on-site and home visit services for PCs and laptops – no matter where you bought your device and regardless of manufacturer.

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Service for End Customers

  • We offer a professional repair service for PCs and laptops, regardless of manufacturer or brand.
  • We support you in setting up your new device.
  • We install and connect your technical equipment quickly, easily and to your requirements.
  • Your motherboard does not work anymore? Your graphics card is defective? We as your PC experts save and backup your data, replace the hardware and install new components.
  • We give explanations about what we do in a way that is easy to understand.

Services for Business Customers

  • You do business. We do IT. We offer IT support for your company!
  • Whether data loss, server failure or irreparable defects. We are the professional IT service for companies to help secure your IT infrastructure from cyber criminals.
  • From the delivery and installation of IT equipment to the connection of the network and server, we are the competent partner for your company. We ensure that servers are on the cutting edge of technology, the configuration of the components is carried out professionally and businesses are ideally protected.
  • Whether technical innovations, important security updates or troubleshooting our maintenance service keeps your IT infrastructure up-to-date.
  • Transparent costs and services are the TrustATec promise and guarantee.
*All prices are including VAT and without parts. At participating TrustATec stores and partners. Travelling expenses may be charged by our partners separately.