Software Installation

IT-Service for business customers
We install your company software.
  • Professional installation of system software, programs and applications
  • Examination of the licensing and rights management
  • User interface configuration and settings

We are your partner for the integration of enterprise software

The professional and correct installation of software, programs and applications is associated with an increased amount of time and should only be done by experts. From the correct licensing of the rights management of individual applications to the individual configuration of the user interface and settings – TrustATec takes over the whole software setup and installation steps for all your company needs.

Save time and resources by using the software installation from TrustATec

Our TrustATec technicians know exactly what aspects need to be considered when installing software and applications in enterprise networks. We advise you on tailor-made software solutions that are ideally suited to the requirements of your business processes, obtain desired products and then take over the professional installation of all computer software packages – quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.